WCCO Belting, Inc.

Company Overview

In 1954, Edward Shorma opened a one-man shoe repair shop in Wahpeton, North Dakota. Over six decades later, WCCO Belting, Inc. has diversified and grown into a multi-million dollar specialized rubber product manufacturer that serves agricultural and industrial businesses worldwide. Its expert engineering team strives towards new innovation, creating a history of success and distinguishing itself through industry experience.

The Problem

Before WCCO Belting, Inc. had made the decision to partner with Marco, it experienced challenges utilizing its existing surveillance system. The analog cameras were beginning to fail and had low resolution, resulting in pixelated picture quality. This made it difficult to identify individuals on the screen.

In order for management to effectively review incidents, WCCO needed a video surveillance system with clear resolution and a dashboard that was easy to navigate. Recognizing its system was in need of an upgrade, WCCO decided it was time to implement a new surveillance solution. The company met with a number of vendors and explored different solutions to determine what best fit its needs.

“Everyone involved in the vendor demonstrations had a favorable opinion of the March Networks Interface that Marco provided. It was easy to navigate and understand,” said Jeremy Wallender, IT Manager. “Marco’s knowledge and expertise was top notch. Their recommendation was the right fit for our surveillance needs.”

Flexibility in this situation was pertinent to the company. WCCO took many factors into consideration when it was choosing its video surveillance partner. Location, flexibility and responsiveness were all key factors in the decision.

“We needed someone with the ability to work with us and meet our requirements and timeline. We were familiar with Marco and its reputation, and we decided to pursue a partnership. Marco could get someone here quickly, within the same day or next if need be. Their service responsiveness is exactly what we needed,” explained Wallender.

When it came time to execute the project, Marco worked with WCCO to implement the system. In working together, a timeline was established and Marco ensured that everything would be completed on time. Implementation with training was provided on-site to WCCO’s staff so they were able to navigate and understand the surveillance system’s capabilities.

“They knew exactly what needed to be done. The implementation team was knowledgeable and knew the ins and outs of the system. There wasn’t a question we asked that Marco didn’t know the answer to,”

After implementing Marco’s solution, WCCO saw immediate results.

“We will no longer have to guess about what happened should there be an incident. We needed the ability to actually see the details in our videos. Marco was able to provide us with a system that had the desired clarity,” said Wallender.

WCCO continues to see value in Marco’s service and video surveillance solution.

“From working with us on pricing and the timeline we had for implementation and training, to the on-going service we receive, every expectation is met by Marco and we couldn’t ask for anything more,” added Wallender.

- Jeremy Wallender, IT Manager at WCCO Belting, Inc.



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