Sweet Harvest Foods Managed IT Services

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Company Overview

Sweet Harvest Foods is a worldwide leader in honey procurement and distribution. The company is one of the largest processors of 100% pure, all-natural honey with offices in Minnesota, California and Michigan. They distribute their products— honey, molasses, and agave— to food manufacturers, national retail and grocery chains, and food distributors. Sweet Harvest Foods takes pride in ensuring superior honey supply and product quality. Their approach allows for supply chain transparency, traceability and consistent quality of products. From hive to home, Sweet Harvest Foods is your trusted resource for honey.

Marco Provides Managed IT Services

If your company had an overnight merger and suddenly grew twice its size, how would your IT department keep up? Brian Pleschourt, IT Director at Sweet Harvest Foods, had to answer that question. He faced rapid growth when a larger company purchased the organization. “We instantly over doubled in size, and that added a California location and a Michigan location, combined with our two Minnesota locations,” he explained.

Marco’s Managed IT services assured Pleschourt that his growing company could adapt to the changes, mitigate risk and standardize systems. His Consulting Systems Engineer was instrumental in the planning and implementation of new hardware, firewalls, switches, servers, etc. Marco also added Backup as a Service (BaaS) and private cloud (IaaS), plus helped find ISPs for reliable Internet. The Marco team installed teleconference rooms in a Minnesota location as well.

"I recommend Marco, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that you have a deep bench of experts. I’m very satisfied. Marco doesn’t present itself like an IT subcontractor. I feel we are true business partners."

Now, Marco is helping Pleschourt merge their domains into one. He plans to continue working with Marco for further projects, and of course utilize the Support Desk. Pleschourt even offers feedback to Marco through our Leadership Counsel, a group of customers who provide feedback about Marco’s products and services to enhance clients’ experience


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