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Posted Jan 8, 2024 10:42:47 AM

ST. CLOUD, MINN., JAN. 8, 2024 Marco Technologies has expanded its IT consulting services to include fractional chief information officer (CIO) and chief information security officer (CISO) services to help businesses of all sizes quickly fill critical IT leadership gaps within their organization at an affordable price point. 

Marco’s Chief Revenue Officer Clay Ostlund states:

“The tech talent crisis is felt throughout every industry and by organizations of every size. Unfortunately, not only is demand expected to exceed supply for the foreseeable future, but information security and technological alignment are now critically tied to an organization’s ability to survive. Various outsourced IT solutions can help organizations minimize disruptions. But we wanted to offer the advanced expertise needed to thrive in 2024 and beyond, and in a way that was accessible and affordable to small to midsize businesses.” 

What Businesses Are Seeking in a Fractional CIO or CISO 

While both roles excel at bridging the communication gap between business leaders and internal IT staff, below is a partial list of goals each of these consulting services can help businesses achieve.

Fractional CIO:

  • Gain more revenue and productivity while reducing infrastructure costs
  • Simplify decision-making with the help of real-time data
  • Expand into new markets or customer segments
  • Increase employee retention among internal IT staff and beyond
  • Maintain compliance with security policies
  • Ensure IT strategic alignment during periods of high growth or acquisition

Fractional CISO:

  • Meet vendor due diligence requirements to win more business
  • Demonstrate safety to various stakeholders and partners
  • Align security program development with industry best practices and prepare for cyber insurance and compliance requirements
  • Minimize the risk of costly data breaches, ransomware, malware infections, and other cybersecurity attacks
  • Improve security monitoring, detection, and response capabilities
  • Build a resilient security program, including disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Protect intellectual property, trade secrets, and other business assets
  • Develop and enforce security policies 

A Unique Offer by Design

With a small committed monthly spend, this offer allows Marco clients to gain access to a top-tier C-suite resource and lock in a preferred rate for any additional IT consulting needs.

Adam Ramberg, director of consulting services at Marco, remarks: 

“We started out as a small typewriter shop with two employees, and even though we’ve grown significantly over our 50-year history, we will always have the little guy in mind. Small to midsize organizations are the lifeblood of our communities and a vital part of our nation’s economy. And while we’re not the only provider to make these advanced consulting services available, I feel very proud of the comprehensive offer we were able to put together. It’s ultimately designed to keep organizations ahead in both information technology and security, aligning seamlessly with their rapid growth strategy or regulatory goals."

Marco Technologies has provided flexible IT consulting services for quite some time, but this offering of fractional CIO or CISO services (often referred to as vCIO and vCISO services) is new to Marco.

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