Digital Printing Press


Every office has experienced that moment when you send your document to the printer only to find that someone else has the machine locked up. They're printing 300 color copies of a flyer. So you wait. Some offices probably do that all the time. It's frustrating for other users, and it puts unintended strain on a laser printer that's not meant for such workloads.

This is where a digital press can save the day

A digital press, also known as production print, is the gateway between your run-of-the-mill office color copier and a full blown offset printing press. When your business needs commercial grade printing volume without the industrial price tag, a digital printing press is the way to go.


100 Pages per Minute (and other cool features)

Our digital press machines from Konica Minolta are built to handle high volume print jobs at an incredibly fast rate. You can print 500 copies of a 12 page booklet in 75 minutes. That includes folding and saddle stitching. It would take that long just to set up the print job on a large-scale offset press!

Software Applications for a Digital Press

We have dozens of software packages that can be installed on your digital printing press, allowing you to do more with your documents than just send a massive amount of copies through the machine.

Variable Data Software. It's like a Mail Merge on Steroids.

Variable data is not just a fancy term for a database of customer information, it's much more than that.

With our variable data software, you're able to insert custom information into your printouts based on the data in your database. More than that, you're able to insert different types of custom data based on specified criteria being met by each entry in the database.

Not only can you insert a name, address, phone number or email, you can also place different images (or other assets) into the printouts depending on someone's job title or location, for example.

All of this before you even click the 'print' button. Plus, all of the custom data is printed out in the same job. You can, quite literally, set it and forget it.

Here are our go-to variable data software applications. Our production print team can help you figure out which one will suit your needs the best.

Variable Data Applications:

Workflow Management

There are many workflow management tools that let you do all sorts of cool tricks with your print jobs before you send them down the line. For example, you can intercept your print job from the console on your digital press and merge it with any number of print jobs from other users. You can adjust brightness, contrast and color correction. You can change paper output or setup a booklet to be printed, folded and saddle stitched among dozens of other tricks.

We use the following workflow programs in our digital press installations. Our production print team can guide you through each one to decide which will best fit your requirement.

Workflow Applications:

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