Automatic Meter & Toner FAQs

Auto-Toner Replenishment

Our data collection software saves your company time and helps manage usage and supplies on your networked copiers and printers.

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Who can I contact if I have questions?

How does the software work?

  • The software is installed securely in your network.  It receives meter and toner information from the print device and communicates this directly to Marco.

Is the software secure and HIPAA compliant?

Does the software cost anything?

  • There is no cost or additional expense for this enhancement to your service.

Can this software read my USB connected device?

  • The software recognizes devices that are connected to your network.
  • Most devices can connect to the network through a wireless or a wired network connection. 
    • Contact your IT Team to learn more about getting your device connected to the network. 

What is a meter reading?

  • A meter reading is a count of prints and copies on a device.  Printing on 11x17 will typically count as two.
  • The meter counter is like a car odometer and does not get reset.  We record the odometer (meter) when the device is newly under contract and use that as our starting point to track the mileage (prints and copies).
  • The meters that are reported from the device include, but is not limited to:
    • Canon models report the “double click mono” and “double click color”
    • All other models report on “total pages mono” & “total pages color”

How does the software calculate when to ship toner?

  • The calculation is based on device usage.  As your device increases or decreases usage, the calculation adjusts accordingly to accommodate your toner demand. 

What are the common reasons my device may not be recognized by the software?

  • If SNMP is disabled in the device settings, the software cannot communicate with the device.
  • A firewall may need to be configured to allow the communication between the software and the device.

What do I do if the low toner light displays on the device? 

  • When the indicator appears, the cartridge has approximately 20% remaining.  We recommend not replacing the cartridge when the light comes on, rather replacing it when the existing cartridge runs out to allow you full utilization of the toner supply. 
  • The software recognizes the indicator light is displayed. It can see the exact amount of toner in the device, and a replacement will be shipped based on the calculation of the device usage.

Can I replace the toner cartridge with a spare or another devices toner cartridge?

  • We recommend that you use the specific cartridge for the identified device.  This allows for the best tracking of equipment performance, which is vital to the success of managing your fleet. 
    • If, however, you use another cartridge, please contact Marco to ensure accurate fleet management.

Can I move my device to a new location?  (different office, room, building, etc…)

Can I add a device to an existing contract?

What if I have a toner cartridge return request?

Does Marco have a recycling program for toner?

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