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Many of today’s businesses are facing a seemingly complex question: How do we bring our business technology into the future? Luckily, the answer isn’t as difficult as some may think. Desktop as a Service, or DaaS, makes it possible for employees to work remotely without any limitations. Better yet, DaaS enables remote access to all of your business databases, networks and applications without compromising security. Here’s how it works…


It’s pretty common to have at least a few employees who are constantly on the go. Whether they’re traveling to meet clients, attending conferences or bouncing between a handful of satellite offices, they’re anywhere but in the office. But in order to still be productive, employees need to access to the same databases, networks and applications that employees working in the office have access to.

With Desktop as a Service, employees can be in any location, log onto any device and work as if they were physically hardwired to the corporate office’s infrastructure. Instead of local storage, Desktop as a Service stores business data and applications via the cloud. This way, all employees need is a device and an internet connection in order to access everything.

A Consistent User Experience

DaaS provides a consistent user experience regardless of which device you use. For example, if you’re staying in a hotel and you forgot your laptop, you can log onto one of the hotel computers in the lobby and access your complete, virtual desktop without any issue.

Managed desktop services make it possible for employees to remain productive when they’re not at the office. Instead of being restricted by location, they’re fully enabled.

Desktop as a Service Providers

DaaS providers ensure all end users have secure access to all of the necessary databases, networks and applications. This can include building out customized applications that support the way your company works. It helps to streamline your business operations while accommodating the preferences of individual employees.

Businesses with Desktop as a Service receive unlimited, quick and friendly technical assistance. For example, if a certain end user is having trouble with login authentication, we’re able to assist your computer users and access your network administrator from our location. In the event an issue can't be resolved over the phone or remotely, a Marco engineer will be dispatched and be on-site to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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