Networking Solutions

A Network That Keeps Its Promises

There will always be frustrations in life. Your network doesn’t have to be one of them. We've assembled specialized teams whose sole focus is designing, implementing, and maintaining the best network services for businesses of every size. This isn't the kind of project you hand over to just anyone. 

Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is a critical part of an organization’s IT infrastructure as mission-critical applications and business operations run on the network. Your underlying network infrastructure needs to be reliable, secure, and scalable. 

We can assess, design, implement and manage your network.

  • Hardware - routers, switches, hubs, repeaters, gateways, bridges, and modems.
  • Software - monitoring and management tools and operating systems.
  • Network Services

Network Management

With Marco's Network Management Services, network outages are detected immediately, with our certified systems engineers diagnosing the problem’s source and getting your network back up and running.

Our Network Management Services provide proactive and round-the-clock management of your technology. They include:

  • Network maintenance and monitoring
  • Monitoring of attached network devices
  • Availability, event log, backup and drive space monitoring
  • Monthly status reporting
  • Anti-virus software management
  • Implementation of needed upgrades, patches or enhancements
  • Security, file sharing and user administration

Need Help?

You may be asking more of your current network than it was designed for, or a poor installation or improper configuration may impact performance. No matter what’s causing the issue, our experts will get to the bottom of it.