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Company Overview

Isanti County includes 13 townships in east central Minnesota. It’s one of the fastest growing counties in the state, with highly regarded small towns, school districts, reasonable housing prices and ready access to employment opportunities locally and in the metro.

Sometimes you don’t realize how inefficient things are until you find a better solution. That’s what happened to Travis Marttila, Network Operations Manager for Isanti County. Marttila struggled with aging standalone servers that lagged in speed and performance. Because the servers were standalone, they had to be managed individually. When Marttila spoke to his Marco Technology Advisor about upgrading, he had no idea about the expansiveness of the improvements.

Marco Provides Integrated Network Services

Marttila sent his Technology Advisor a  spreadsheet of the upgrade he envisioned. The information was shared with a Marco engineer, who talked with Marttila about his options, including UCS blade server technology.

“Marco sent me information and prices. They even did a webinar for us to explain the system and how it works—both from a technical and a business standpoint,” said Marttila. “It was a solution I didn’t even know existed, and it turns out it was the best solution for us, 100 percent!” In addition to the new server, Isanti County also upgraded to an EMC storage system that houses the data. With all the servers residing in one place, Marttila can manage them more efficiently.

"It was a solution I didn’t even know existed. And it turns out it was the best solution for us, 100 percent!"

With their new servers exceeding expectations, Isanti County is in the process of implementing a new firewall. And, once again, they’re using Marco. “The fact that we keep going back is very indicative of how helpful they are. There are vendors’ products we’ve changed, but Marco is definitely not one of them. We want to keep them around,” he added.


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