Cloud Data Storage: The Gateway to Big Advantages

With something as straightforward as data storage, you wouldn’t think it could be so strategic to the way you run your business. But the reality is that storage can make a big impact on capital expenses, employee collaboration, energy consumption, your ability to adapt quickly to changes in your bandwidth … and much more. That’s why cloud storage is becoming a best practice for more and more businesses who want to work smarter and take full advantage of its benefits.

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What is Cloud Storage and Why is it so Strategic? 

Storing your data in the cloud simply means its housed in dedicated, private virtual servers. Taking your data off-site is strategic for a number of reasons:

  • Cloud storage reduces your organization’s hardware needs. Rather than capital expenditures for hardware and maintenance, cloud storage allows for a consistent, monthly investment in operational expenses.
  • It allows employees to access their files and collaborate with others, regardless of location.
  • It comes with enterprise-level security, redundant power sources and disaster recovery for more peace of mind.
  • It gives you more flexibility to grow or scale back as needed, so you no longer have to pay for storage you aren't using just to be able to accommodate peak periods. 

By working with a Marco Cloud Specialist, you can get the most strategic storage solution for your needs. 

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