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Do you know where your data is?

Cloud storage options come in as many different shapes and sizes as the organizations who benefit from them. If you find your current storage setup is starting to burst at the seams, Marco can design additional storage solutions for you. Alternatively, if your current storage isn’t meeting your business needs, we can take out the old and replace it with new, faster storage.

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Many of today’s applications rely on lightning fast storage. If you want the speed, the capabilities and the workplace flexibility that comes with being able to scale bandwidth up and down, Marco can help.

Data Center Storage

By storing data in dedicated, private virtual servers, cloud storage allows employees to access their files and collaborate with others, regardless of location. It eliminates inconsistency by allowing multiple employees to work from one centrally stored document. The best part about the ease of access and convenience of cloud storage? It comes with enterprise-level security, redundant power sources and disaster recovery.

Cloud Storage On-Demand

Cloud storage reduces your organization’s hardware needs. Rather than capital expenditures for hardware and maintenance, cloud storage allows for a consistent, monthly investment in operational expenses.

By working with a Marco Cloud Specialist, you can get the right storage solution for your needs. 

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