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Managed WAN: Wide Area Network

Experience fewer dropped calls, faster page loading and reduced security concerns.

Managed WAN is an ideal solution for enterprise organizations looking to elevate the experiences of their end users without tapping into internal staff time or managing multiple service providers. You may be wondering, what is a WAN connection? WAN is a comprehensive set of traffic control and security features for the wide-area network. WAN connectivity allows retail companies, financial institutions, healthcare organizations and manufacturers to stay connected to their remote locations.

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WAN Connectivity Options

The best WAN optimization includes replacing a single, low-speed connection with two high-speed connections. This way, if one connection ever fails, there’s a second one ready to take over. Many organizations already have the necessary hardware in place, meaning all that’s needed to get started is adding WAN connectivity as a feature. In cases where an organization does require hardware and infrastructure upgrades, your project manager will coordinate with Marco installers to get the configuration you need.

Marco’s Managed WAN

Marco’s Managed WAN is a network of data centers and software defined routing nodes constructed to deliver next generation private data and internet connections to managed service customers. In other words, if you have multiple connections or you’re connecting to something over the Internet or a dedicated line, Marco can provide and manage that connection.

Regardless of industry, there's value in high-speed connectivity, improved customer service efforts, staff satisfaction and efficient internal processes. In all of these areas, the right WAN connectivity options can help you reach your business goals. 

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