Managed WAN: Wide Area Network

Experience fewer dropped calls, faster page loading and reduced security concerns.

If you have a wide area network (WAN), you know how critical connectivity is to your business. It’s your lifeline to your remote locations. Marco’s Managed WAN is designed to keep that lifeline up and running by delivering our own private service provider network using best in class carrier partners.

Most businesses invest a hefty amount of IT resources into their wide area network. Marco’s Managed WAN Services can reduce those resources—many times down to zero! That’s because your internal IT resources no longer have to spend time ensuring performance metrics, making routing changes, managing Quality of Service, monitoring Service Level Agreements or interacting with carriers.

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Experience, Metrics and Peace of Mind

The most painful experience for anyone with a WAN from a carrier—or, worse, multiple carriers—is what happens when things go wrong. Marco’s Managed WAN can identify exactly what the problem is and how it should be resolved by leveraging our software defined network backbone and network operations center team. This saves your IT staff time and frustration, and it saves your business from costly downtime.

We’ll also provide you with in-depth analysis and reporting that can help your business run more efficiently and effectively. As part of your service, we monitor and measure your network flow, which allows us to see not only how much of the bandwidth you’re using, but also what is consuming that bandwidth, whether that’s web traffic or legitimate business traffic. We’ll also assess our carrier’s performance and make sure you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

Don't Have a WAN?

Many organizations already have the necessary hardware in place, meaning all that’s needed to get started is adding WAN connectivity as a feature. If you do require hardware and infrastructure upgrades, your project manager will coordinate with Marco installers to get the configuration you need.

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