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Data Center

Does your data center hold you back or carry you forward?

With the data center acting as the brain of your organization, ensure it can handle your business needs. If the demand on your data center becomes greater than its infrastructure can handle, servers can overheat, data transfers can slow or stall and surges to your power supply can occur.

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Marco built several data centers with organizations like yours in mind, data centers capable of meeting the demands of today’s enterprise organizations without slowing the pace of business down. With a highly secure private cloud, users gain access to software applications, computing capacity, storage, security, routing and switching.

What Makes up a Data Center?

Your data center can be equipped to communicate and scale as fast as you do. We design the equipment that gives your data center the capabilities your business needs to thrive. You can run and manage audio/video conferencing equipment, phone systems, the entire suite of business-ready Microsoft Office applications and other common software from your data center. With Marco, your data center will be a complete, professionally maintained, all-in-one system that includes everything to:

  • Streamline data center traffic
  • Provide reliable Internet connectivity
  • Enable mobile workforces
  • Support BYOD (bring your own device) workforces
  • Protect your data
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