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    How Windows 10 Will Improve Productivity

    By: Steve Knutson
    October 23, 2014
    Is Windows 8 getting you down? While there definitely is a learning curve, that’s not the only reason professionals are challenged by the latest Windows roll out. The technical components of the version actually affect productivity. The good news is that Microsoft is going to change that with the release of Windows 10 by the middle of next year.

    Microsoft skipped the release of Windows 9 altogether, likely because the needed features and functionality already were in the works in Windows 10.

    Windows_10_Start_MenuWindows 10 is what Windows 8 should have been. This operating system will provide users a smoother transition between the “touch” of mobile devices and the traditional mouse of laptops and desktops. In many ways, it takes some plays from Apple and is Mac-like. Microsoft believes this version will be much better for business.

    Here are four of the changes that I see helping improve productivity:
    1. Start Menu
      I have been using an aftermarket shell on my Windows 8 to allow me to have the start menu on my computer. I could not go without it. It contains much of what I need to effectively navigate my computer. Windows 10 will bring back the start menu and also allow tiles for tablet mode when it detects only touch by the user for increased productivity.

    2. Multiple Desktops
      Windows 10 will allow users to run multiple desktops at once. This is significant, especially for individuals who have multiple apps and files opened at once. This will allow users to put different apps on different desktops for better performance. It directly impacts the speed of the computer and ability to toggle between various windows. Instead of apps bogging down the system and users getting the “Not Responding” message, they’ll be able to keep on working. Users can activate another desktop by swiping to the left.

    3. Quad View
      Windows 10 brings back the dual screen functionality of previous Windows versions and gives users the ability to view four screens (or windows) at once. This means users can be reading in one pane, taking notes in another pane, keeping an eye on email in a third pane and well, you get the idea. The modern working world demands multitasking. The quad view provides a faster and easier transition from screen to screen.

    4. OneDrive
      The new OneDrive functionality of Windows 10 resembles Apple’s iCloud offering. OneDrive links across all your devices like the iCloud and makes access and sharing files and media easy, too. It automatically backs up to the user’s OneDrive account. Users get 15GB free with Windows 10.

    I expect Windows 10 to go down in the books as among the best Windows release yet. Because of the added functionality for business and bottom line impact, organizations likely will want to upgrade at the time of the release. That’s what we saw with other solid versions like Windows XP and Windows 7. Now is the time to start planning for a roll out in your organization.


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