Choose Local Cloud Storage Providers for Personal Service & Support

By: Marco
July 17, 2018

There are countless service providers offering a variety of cloud storage options for businesses both large and small. While it can be tempting for many to go with a provider that has significant brand awareness that provides a sense of comfort, it is highly likely to receive the same, if not better, service from local cloud storage providers. In addition to the quality of service, local cloud storage providers offer the added benefit of personalized service.

Personal Service

When signing up for cloud storage service with a national, reputable brand, the entire process can seem cold and machine-like.

A local provider puts a face to the company that you'll be working with in the future. While navigating the process, a local cloud storage provider can offer both phone and in-person support to help answer the tough questions about storage capacity, bandwidth, software license and expansion/contraction ability. 

Relationships are Formed

Why Choose Local Cloud Storage Providers: Personal Service & SupportLocal cloud storage providers offer an opportunity to form a relationship with a real person - and maybe even a team of people.

When something goes wrong and service or support is needed from Google, Microsoft or IBM, it is highly unlikely the individual agent that sold you the service is going to take a phone call or respond to an email about the problem.

In these larger companies, those issues are handed off to call center specialists whose job isn't to get to know an individual company and its needs, but rather to fix the problem as quick as possible and move on to the next caller. Working with a local cloud storage provider minimizes this frustration.

Instead, the specialist that got you started will be available and can take the time to get to know the operational needs of your business. Plus, they can share this knowledge with their team. This not only ensures that you receive guidance throughout the decision-making process, but also the ongoing support needed to ensure that your cloud services live up to your expectations. 

Hands-on Support

Speaking of support, who does a business call when a Google cloud storage account freezes or data is lost? The odds are not very high that anyone in your IT department has a direct line to support staff at Google; it is even less likely you'll be able to engage a Google IT specialist at your office to help troubleshoot the issue.

Local cloud storage providers have highly trained staff available to take your calls and make on-site visits as necessary.  

Shared Responsibility

While you may always maintain some level of responsibility for equipment maintenance and other concerns, the full weight of your IT infrastructure doesn't need to rest on the shoulders of your in-house IT staff.

Local providers are paid, in part, to ensure that data is secure on the servers, and if anything happens to your cloud, they will take the lead in addressing the issue’s source and repairing the damage done. Ideally, you will never have to rely on this shared responsibility, but it's nice to know that assistance is there if and when you need it. 

Migrating to the cloud is a big decision, and it isn't one that any company should make lightly. Before assuming that major cloud providers are your best option, consider your local cloud storage providers to see if they could better serve your organization.

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