What is HyperConvergence and What Does It Mean for Your Business?

By: Marco
July 14, 2016

While you may have heard it referred to as "hyperconverged infrastructure" or "HyperConvergence", this new method of data center management is experiencing significant attention in the IT world. And rightfully so.

If you’re looking to better understand the topic and a means of learning what this method is and how it could help your business, I'm hoping this blog post will help ...

What is HyperConvergence?

HyperConvergence Data CenterIn its simplest form, HyperConvergence is an infrastructure that markedly improves data center efficiency. Originally, the value of a data center was primarily focused on storage space and ensuring it could accommodate a business’s needs. With data centers growing in complexity, the current focus is more on functionality versus storage space.

In order for data centers to function, the individual devices storing and handling data need to communicate with each other. These devices, which perform different functions within the data center, are independently managed by various vendors and read and interpret data differently.

With an architectural makeup reminiscent of cloud principles, HyperConvergence restructures individual data center components into a single solution. Instead of individualized devices being managed by various vendors and virtually speaking different languages, HyperConvergence restructures from a foundational perspective. This simplifies your data center’s functionality without negatively affecting performance or reliability.

What HyperConvergence Means for Your Business

Hyperconvergence can offer your business many advantages. The most important being flexibility and agility while scaling resources to meet the demands of the business. Greater predictability in IT capital expenditures is also achieved. Additionally, it provides the building block for automating your IT services. All of this while providing peace of mind that your IT Data Center architecture is the same model as the largest cloud providers with enterprise grade support.

Problems Solved by HyperConvergence

HyperConvergence can significantly simplify things. Although the processes occurring within your data center are still complex, the separate components are structured in a way that integrates them more effectively.

Also, a hyperconverged infrastructure comes from a single vendor. Meaning your IT department won’t be stuck playing middleman when something goes wrong. There are no other vendors to shift blame to, so problems are identified and solved much faster.

Additionally, because all of your data center’s separate components are managed under a single interface, scaling up or down to meet growth and demand needs can be done easily.

Is HyperConvergence Worth the Hype?

Truly, it comes down to what you value. HyperConvergence has proven itself because of the simplicity, convenience, functionality and efficiency it brings to data centers. For those seeking speed, execution and scalability, a hyperconverged infrastructure could be your solution.

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