What Can You Do in Marco’s New Client Center?

By: Marco
December 23, 2022

A lot has changed since Marco was founded in 1973, and most of that change has been for the better. However, like banking and healthcare, our industry is known for a necessary degree of complexity. Many of these organizations have created online portals to communicate securely with customers and patients, but as a technology provider, we wanted to do even better for the organizations we serve.

Our new Client Center will help facilitate secure online communication, but it also includes features that you might not have seen elsewhere. 

That said, let’s start exploring the basics… 

1. Manage Your Account

Need to manage a cloud subscription? You don’t have to hunt around or even pick up the phone. In our new Client Center, you’ll be able to see the services we’re currently providing your business and add subscriptions, like Microsoft.

Technology invoices can be confusing, and when it comes to telecom services, we don’t always have a choice in the matter. So we’ve also made a few videos to help you understand what you’re paying for and why. 

2. Order the Right Supplies

Worried about toner pirates and other office supply scams? Not only does our new Client Center make it easy to order the right printing supplies in a few clicks, but it’ll also be easier to recognize fraudulent invoices for ink and toner when you use one vendor you already trust. 

3. Shop Easily for Solutions 

As a gold or premier business partner with many top technology brands, we are often able to get our clients more competitive pricing. But our new online marketplace inside our Client Center also lets you shop with us more easily. 

Our inventory evolves with our recommendations, so you can always shop with confidence. If we carry a certain make and model, that means it meets our standards of security and performance and we feel comfortable recommending it to our clients. 

4. Initiate and Track Service Requests

Technology not working as it should? We’ve got an app for that. You’re always welcome to pick up the phone and talk to service. But if you’re multitasking, you can now start a new service request online and track its progress. 

You won’t have to wonder when your tech is coming or when we’ve been able to solve your issue remotely. You’ll be able to see the instant your issue has been resolved.

 5. View Our Recommendations

What was that printer we recommended for you four months ago? You can find that recommendation and others in our new Client Center. When it’s time for your next upgrade, you can skip the research phase and get what you need that much faster. 

Need Anything Else? 

We’ve designed our Client Center with you in mind, so let us know if there’s anything else we can do to save you time. We’ve got a few more plans for additional features down the road and we’d love to include your ideas. 

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