Video Conferencing Simplified for Today's Business

By: Marco
April 29, 2022

Even before remote work became so common, video conferencing has been incredibly important to enable immersive, face-to-face communication with key business partners, while reducing travel time and expenses. Video conferencing can also be used to facilitate more effective communication internally for larger organizations, or organizations that have more than one location.

Effective business communication makes for a more pleasant work environment, but there are also real numbers to suggest that good communication is a good financial investment. According to a 2021 Pumble study, Teams who communicate effectively in the workplace may see as much as a 25% increase in their productivity. And according to Gartner research, poor communication is responsible for 70% of corporate errors.

Four Advantages of Modern Video Conferencing Solutions


1. Increases Communication

85% of interpersonal communication isn’t about the words that are said. It’s about how those words are said, and the body language that accompanied the message. Video conferencing solutions provide a more immersive, human experience for everyone involved so that nuanced messages can be conveyed easily and thoroughly.

2. Optimizes Remote Work

Remote workers can still feel connected seamlessly to other members of their team, or communicate externally with the same level of professionalism as if they were in the office.

3. Saves Time in Meetings

Features like recording and playback help your meeting time be more efficient, without requiring additional time for note-taking or extensive reviews of past meetings. These tools can also help companies hold their employees accountable for completing to-do items, and sticking to processes and timelines approved during meetings.

4. Makes Meetings More Productive

Many modern video conferencing solutions offer easy ways to share documents, images, and video content during meetings, so meeting attendees can collaborate and make decisions in real time.

Challenges With Video Conferencing Solutions

Despite the many benefits that video conferencing solutions can provide, many organizations aren’t using their video conferencing abilities to their full potential. Some systems can be overly complicated to use, not all video conferencing components play nicely with each other, and system glitches and other disruptions can be extremely frustrating.

Finding the Best Video Conferencing Solutions for Your Business

Marco has formed a strategic partnership with Poly, a leading provider of video conferencing solutions that combine excellent call quality and clarity with stunning simplicity. Poly’s video conferencing solutions offer unique benefits that other video conferencing equipment manufacturers have struggled to provide.

Benefits of Poly’s Video Conferencing Solutions

Quick Setup

You or your IT team will love this. Thanks to an all-in-one setup process, it should take less than two minutes to set up this two-component system. The two components, a video bar and touch controller, are immediately paired out of the box, and aside from being connected to power, no additional cords, cables, or peripherals are needed.

Easy Management of Multiple Huddle and Conference Rooms

Poly Studio components can also be managed remotely through the same easy-to-use tool that also includes powerful analytics to make sure you’re getting the most out of your equipment. Whether you’re looking to optimize a small meeting space or a larger conference room, or a combination of rooms, Poly makes it easy to manage the capabilities of any meeting space without running from room to room.

Easy Operation

With Poly Studio, it’s easy to integrate with video conferencing services like Zoom or Microsoft Teams; in fact, users can get started with a single button, without any help from IT staff.

You Can See Who’s Talking

Poly’s wide-view 4k cameras can do more than just show you who’s in the room. They can adjust their view automatically to feature different speakers, so you won’t have to guess who said what.

You Can Hear What’s Important

Thanks to some powerful AI innovations, Poly’s Studio solutions can separate speakers from background noise.

Because every organization is different, Poly also offers other full video conferencing solutions, including Studio X30, Studio X50, and more, to suit organizations of every size that use a variety of different video conferencing platforms.

Getting the Best Deal On Video Conferencing Solutions

As a strategic partner, Marco’s video conferencing experts can help you get the best deal on Poly’s Studio solutions, and provide expert support. Of course, an investment in video conferencing equipment is only worthwhile if it will be used to help your organization accomplish its goals. Shopping for video conferencing solutions can be confusing, and if you’re not sure which solution would be right for you, our experts can provide a custom recommendation based on your organization’s communication needs and your future goals.Talk with an Audio + Video Specialist Contact a Marco Rep

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