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    Top 4 Business Technology Frustrations of I.T. Teams

    By: Sue Swanson
    April 13, 2016

    Your organization’s IT department is an early contact point for business technology issues. Understandably so, since the IT department is most aware of the technology mishaps occurring throughout your organization.

    IT teams are appreciated for overall savviness, especially in their ability to troubleshoot issues that interrupt productivity. It’s difficult to articulate the full range of benefits that accompany great IT support, but rest assured, if you didn’t have IT, it would surely be missed.

    Like any other department, IT experiences its fair share of workplace frustrations. Identifying and understanding these business technology frustrations is the first step in alleviating them. Here are four areas of business technology known to cause frustration for IT teams:

    1. Inadequate Business Technology

    4 Business Technology Frustration of IT TeamsWhen organizations don’t have the proper technology to support their needs, it slows down their network and applications. Multiple variables can lead to inadequate technologies. Most often, it’s technology that’s not scaled appropriately for your business, or it’s the right technology but configured improperly. Either way, this translates into an inefficently workload. 

    Requesting an audit from an IT provider will bring any inadequacies with your business technology to the surface. Think of an IT audit similar to an annual physical checkup. It’s a preventative measure meant to catch issues early on and implement change before a larger problem occurs.

    2. The Unknown

    Sometimes the most difficult part of working with business technologies is not knowing whether the systems and solutions in place are right for the organization. Ideas on what constitutes best practices differs across departments.

    How should the IT budget be determined? What is the process for data storage and back up? How do you manage password changes? Compile your IT questions, and consult with an expert who will hear you out and offer solutions.

    3. Network Infrastructure and Business Growth

    Businesses experiencing growth must have an infrastructure capable of supporting that growth. Throughout these periods of growth, IT network infrastructures can become increasingly complex.

    If unaddressed, this complexity can lead to tension and stress on your organization. During periods of growth, an automation program can help your IT team stay on top of documentation and activity monitoring.

    4. Lack of Disaster Recovery Plan

    As cliché as it may sound, some businesses don’t realize they lack a disaster recovery plan until it’s too late. In these instances, the weight of the situation sits squarely on the IT team’s shoulders to “do something.” The trouble is, whatever needs to be done wasn’t planned for prior to the disaster.

    IT Frustrations and Business Technology

    IT departments serve a vital purpose within their organizations. Their work provides a more efficient foundation for other departments to complete their tasks. As these technology issues are addressed, so can their frustrations. You then can work toward a solution that will result in a more cohesive IT team and organization.  

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