Top 4 Benefits of a Room Automation System for Your Conference Room

By: Dan Olk
October 21, 2014

Room automation systems offer the latest in presentation technology, giving your business the tools it needs to not only facilitate impressive presentations, but do so in a more efficient and effective manner.

What is a Room Automation System?

The average conference room contains a variety of technology tools that allow you to host productive meetings. Room automation systems allow all of these technologies to work in unison and be controlled through one device. A typical room automation system utilizes a touchscreen remote to open and close window shades when appropriate, dim lights, adjust the thermostat, start and end a live feed and give individual employees the ability to quickly share information from their device on the interactive display or standard displays. This unifying system provides a productive environment that can improve efficiency and communication.

Benefits of Room Automation

The number of benefits offered by a room automation system is limited only by the degree to which you decide to implement such a system. If you select a simple automation system with audio-visual controls only, your benefits are limited to streamlined AV technology and control. If you opt for a robust room automation system, your benefits will be numerous. Generally speaking, however, there are a few benefits you can expect to enjoy when you make the decision to implement a room automation system in your conference room.

First and foremost, room automation provides a simple user interface that all employees will be able to control. These systems use touchscreen control panels, wireless, wall mounted or desk mounted, to control various features of the conference room and AV tech. Its simple user interface makes navigating the menus a breeze. There is no need for lengthy training to equip employees with the ability to control your newly implemented room automation system(s).

Next, the centralized control of room automation systems improves the workflow during meetings. Centralized control over all room devices prevents delays previously caused by people needing to adjust shades, lights and presentation equipment from several locations. These adjustments and more can be controlled from the touchscreen panel, enabling an efficient and focused meeting to take place. 

Additionally, the automation of several different conferencing functions makes it easy to initiate meetings, and adjust to changes from one meeting room to the next. For example, many room automation systems come with a predetermined videoconference mode or presentation mode. With the swipe of a finger, you can initiate any predetermined modes configured on your system.

Last but not least, a room automation system shows your clients, employees and industry partners that your business is committed to quality communication and efficiency.  Your investment in this technology will improve relationships built in meetings and enhance the productivity of the countless meetings that consume a significant amount of employee time.

Discover the Right Solution for Your Business

Modern technologies continue to make it possible for companies to remain effective and efficient, whether their clients, employees and partners are local, or spread out across the country. Videoconferencing tools, interactive displays and large display panels and more have made conferences and meetings media-rich environments that allow for more useful information to be exchanged. Room automation systems exist to streamline these technologies, make them easy to control and improve the flow of meetings.


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