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    The Extra Value Certified Tech Experts Offer Your Business (We've Got 500+)

    By: Sue Swanson
    October 7, 2015

    At Marco, we have 500+ certified tech experts ready to help our clients tackle any issues that arise during the course of the day. As an IT firm providing client services that range from managed print and voice to cloud computing solutions, we’ve hired a range of specialists to ensure you receive the best assistance available.

    In fact, your business stands to gain immense value from working with a technology provider that employs certified tech experts, because you get all the knowledge and experience, without any of the costs associated with hiring, training, educating and employing these individuals.

    Tech Experts with Various Skills and Certifications

    When your company hires on-site technicians to manage your business technology, you can only expect that individual to gain expertise in a set number of areas. Although it is possible to become a Jack of All Trades, to some degree, it is impossible for one individual to prepare themselves to tackle any issue that could arise on a given day.

    Tech experts from your provider give your company the power and flexibility to meet any challenge head on, whether it is voice and data related or concerns your fleet of multifunction print devices. For example, Marco has more than 500 tech experts, with broad expertise and certifications, standing by to help you eliminate or resolve any business technology issue.

    Manufacturer Benefits

    We work with only tier-one manufacturers such as Cisco, Microsoft, Sharp, Canon, Samsung, HP, Barracuda and others. Our tech experts earn certifications from these companies, giving our clients and us an advantage.

    As a provider, Marco's connection to its strategic partners is strengthened and the ability of its tech experts to properly place and maintain manufacturer equipment is enhanced. Manufacturers can rest easy knowing that their brand and equipment is represented and cared for properly, while serving customers at the level it was designed to.

    Most importantly though is the value you receive as a business, enjoying all the features and advantages of your technology. However, if an issue does arise, having a tech expert available puts your mind at ease because they have the training and expertise to fix the exact problem on the exact product. This keeps your business humming along, and satisfies all three members of a strategic partnership - the manufacturer, the supporting provider and you.

    There When You Need ThemCertified Tech Experts

    If you hire one or a handful of tech experts on your own, you may not enjoy the same level of service you get from a technology provider. After all, those employees are entitled to sick days, vacation and paid holidays. What happens when your resident tech expert is on a two-week vacation and the MFPs in the office experience issues or your network goes down?

    Or, if you work directly with a manufacturer, you may get placed in a queue that is built on a first-come-first-serve basis – regardless of the urgency of the issue you are facing.

    With more than 500 tech experts on staff, service providers like Marco have the ability to take care of your issue when you need it, rather than making you wait until someone is available. The flexibility to solve any issue at any time is one of the greatest value-adds you enjoy when teaming with a well-staffed technology provider.

    Expertise without the Cost

    Finally, there is the impact Marco tech experts have (or don't have) on your bottom line. Hiring your own tech experts requires payroll resources, vacation time, healthcare and other benefits to support a full-time employee. Teaming up with a provider and utilizing their tech experts offers you the expertise without all of these costs.

    As part of your service agreement, you get the value of tech experts at your side when you need them. There's no extra charge for their assistance, and you don't have to pay for the training and certifications. It’s a win-win-win situation!

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