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    The Power of Marco: Passionate Employees Ready to Serve You

    By: Patty Funk
    August 31, 2015

    Loving what you do is a powerful thing and, at Marco, it shows. We’ve worked hard to create a unique culture; We’re known as a fun, flexible and family-friendly company where people like coming to work. Our culture is something you can feel the moment you walk in our doors. We are just as proud of that as we are of our top workplace rankings on local, state and national levels.

    M:POWERING Passionate Employees

    We believe happy, passionate and empowered employees are the key component in satisfying our customers and building successful partnerships. We strive to sustain a culture that empowers our employees to help customers work smarter, dream bigger and take technology further.


    In 1988, we began measuring the success of our efforts to empower our employees through an annual, confidential satisfaction survey. We ask our employees to share their input on topics ranging from compensation and satisfaction, to their trust in our leadership. Each year, our employees consistently give Marco the highest ratings for being a fun and friendly place to work, a good corporate citizen and a caring employer.




    M:Powering Business Technology

    Effective technology is much more than the hardware and software that supports your business. It’s about a partnership with a trusted provider and your relationship with its techs, reps and leaders that allow us to work together and take your technology, and your business further.

    Hear from some of our m:powered techs, reps and leaders:

    “What I’ve appreciated most about working at Marco is being given the tools to handle my responsibilities successfully. Marco leadership has encouraged me to perform at a high level by being a team player and feeding off my strengths.”

    Brandon Nelson, Software Solutions Support Specialist

    “Marco empowers me by giving me the latitude to make big decisions, engage in world-class training, learn from an amazing management team, recruit the best talent in our market and give my time freely to our community. All this while, with proper planning, never having to miss a baseball game or a school concert.”

    Jeremy Ryan, Sales Manager

    “Working at Marco, I feel m:powered to make decisions that effect our customer's experience with us. I am able to work independently and make decisions, but still feel the support of a team. I am very appreciative of the culture at Marco and the flexible work-life balance that is encouraged. I am proud to be an employee owner of Marco.”

    Rolene Owens, Digital Signage Specialist

    “Marco empowers employees to grow their career, personal life and technology talents. Not often can you find a company that allows work-life balance. Marco is powered to grow! People and performance with a foundation of customer satisfaction allow our technology solutions to empower our clients to enhance their business initiatives.”

    Eric Casteel, Director of Strategic Sales

    “The Marco culture empowers me: I feel empowered by my freedom to work independently, as a team or with a specialist in order to get the job done. I love the flexibility to decide which way is better than the other. Personally, I can’t say enough about Marco’s great work-life balance. I will be forever grateful for the generosity my co-workers demonstrated last summer when my niece was battling cancer. Also, we welcomed our first child into our family last October and Marco was generous with allowing me to spend time with my family. I wear the Marco logo proud!”

    Jason Atkinson, Major Account Representative

    “I’m empowered by the amount of responsibility I am entrusted with at Marco. I thrive on being challenged and learning new concepts, and my manager understands that and challenges me to rise to the occasion with a sales territory that has a varying complexity. Marco has also allowed me to work on my personal goals through its healthy work-life balance. Marco unearths the desire to be great in all aspects of my life by always being surrounded by amazing people, wholesome ethics and a positive environment.”

    Kat Nelson, Leasing Coordinator


    Get M:Powered

    Passionate employees translate to more satisfied customers. As proof, more than 90% of our customers surveyed say they would recommend Marco. Finding the right technology for your business is a powerful thing, and we can help.




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