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    The Marco Gold Standard

    By: Patty Funk
    February 19, 2018

    Here at Marco, we've experienced a lot of growth in a short period of time. Just looking at the last five years, we've more than doubled our number of employees: from just over 500 employees in 2012 to just over 1,100 employees today. There's no doubt about it, this level of growth is exciting. We've always been very proud of our culture, the communities we serve and the partnerships we build with customers and vendors. And with our recent growth, the question has become this: how do we maintain our culture and all the things we're proud of as we grow?

    We do it with the Marco Gold Standard.

    What is the Marco Gold Standard?

    It's a philosophy we've developed for maintaining Marco's culture and family feel as we continue to grow. Here's the foundation of our Gold Standard:

    "We believe best-in-class performance is based on our commitment to a workplace culture that promotes employee engagement, client satisfaction, vendor partnerships and community support."

    As you can see, we've identified four key areas of focus. Each area is vital to our culture and the success of our company as a whole. Because of their importance, each area forms a pillar of our Gold Standard. Here's a brief introduction to our four pillars. 

    Client Satisfaction

    The Marco Gold Standard

    Delivering an exceptional client experience has always been at the core of our company culture. We've been regularly surveying our customers since 1994, taking their feedback and using it to improve our services and our offerings. We know from both client feedback and data that we provide top-notch service. We maintain a 98% live-call answer rate and 93% of our customers would recommend Marco to another company. As we grow, we're committed to maintaining those levels of client satisfaction. 


    Vendor Partnerships

    The Marco Gold Standard

    Building and maintaining strong partnerships with vendors is another essential component of our company culture. Our selected vendors share our values and our commitment to customer satisfaction. When working with our vendor partners, we ensure they understand what our expectations are. Some key things we look for are:


    • Business ethics and integrity
    • Best-in-class performance
    • Active engagement

    Community Support

    The Marco Gold Standard

    Marco has always felt a strong need to support the communities of our clients and our employees. We are committed to being a good corporate citizen by giving back to the communities we serve. As we grow and acquire businesses in new communities, it becomes equally important to support these new areas, too.

    In fact, we have a charitable giving budget for each of our regions. All Marco employees can request corporate donations for a charity they're personally involved in. We encourage our employees to be passionate about supporting their communities, and we provide resources to help them. 



    Employee Engagement

    The Marco Gold Standard

    Last, but certainly not least, is our pillar of employee engagement. We are committed to fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. We do this by focusing on three key areas:



    • Work satisfaction
    • Employee Commitment
    • Personal well-being

    Throughout our history, there has been no greater predictor of success than happy employees, and we make it a priority to create an atmosphere where our employees can truly enjoy their work. Naturally, we emphasize the importance of our team enjoying what they do, but it doesn't stop there. We also support opportunities to connect with co-workers and initiatives that support good health and reduced stress. We support our employees in many aspects that aren't directly connected to the nature of their work because we believe all areas impact employee engagement.

    Each of the four pillars that make up the Marco Gold Standard has designated goals, initiatives, executive sponsors and committees. Preserving our culture as we grow requires more effort and attention, and our Gold Standard gives us a roadmap for ensuring we focus on the areas we value most. 

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