The Benefits of Digital Transformation

By: Clay Ostlund
November 16, 2022

Ever find yourself wishing you had more information to guide your decisions? If your organization has a few years under its belt, here’s some good news. You’re probably sitting on an incredible pile of data that can tell you exactly what’s working and what isn’t, where your inefficiencies are, and what departments have a treasure trove of knowledge that other departments could benefit from. If you only had better tools, you could unlock it. 

Digital transformation can do much more than help us work from anywhere. It can also help us work faster and smarter…and ultimately, increase profitability.

What Is Digital Transformation? 

Digital transformation is using technology to improve any and all aspects of your business. It’s a broad term, and it looks different for every organization. 

It’s about fundamentally rethinking ways that technology could revolutionize your organization, eliminate redundancies, analyze existing data, eliminate drudgery through automation, and ultimately, offer a far better experience for your customers and your employees. 

Digital Transformation Examples

While digital transformation is kind of a catch-all, here are some real-world examples of it in action: 

  • Using robotic process automation to help with data entry and other routine (boring) tasks 
  • Using technology to reimagine your customer’s experience 
  • Automating and streamlining your processes to reduce response times
  • Investing in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions
  • Create dynamic dashboards and KPIs

Why Is Digital Transformation Important?

The short answer is there’s probably a better, easier way to do everything you’re already doing and get more to show for it. 

The other short answer is that everybody else is doing it. Over 90% of organizations already have a digital initiative. If you drag your feet on this one, you could find yourself losing your best customers and your brightest employees. 

7 Benefits of Digital Transformation

1. Save Money

When you rethink and reform your technology ecosystem, you’ll be able to save money. You’ll also be able to reduce administrative labor costs: think data entry, scheduling, file management, and more.

2. Get More From the Data You Have

The past is an excellent predictor of the future. If you had the right tools, you could use what you already know to better anticipate your customers’ needs, take a lot of the guesswork out of production, and create more opportunities for growth. 

Of course, where data is stored, it also needs to be protected. At Marco, not only can we recommend the proper software to revolutionize your business, we can also help you protect your infrastructure and sensitive data throughout your organization. 

3. Use Fewer, but Better Tools

Generally speaking, the fewer, but more powerful tools you use, the better you can use your data, onboard employees, and reduce workplace frustration. Cloud apps can be incredibly capable, and are largely designed to integrate with other tools. 

4. Give Customers More

Consumer expectations have shifted dramatically in the past few years. Fast, personalized, and easy are everything. A recent report indicates that nowadays, 80% of customers consider the experience a company provides to be as important as what it’s selling. 

Robust data and powerful analytics tools are critical to giving customers a more personalized, relevant experience, and being able to replicate successful interactions at scale. 

5. Boost Collaboration

How many great ideas are getting lost throughout your organization? It’s hard to know without a modern collaboration tool that helps track important conversations. Your employees can all have eyes on the same document at the same time and know they’re working with the most current information. As an added bonus, a powerful communication system has been shown to help you improve employee retention by up to 450%.

6. Increase Agility

With detailed, real-time data at your disposal, you’ll be able to get new products and services to market faster and adapt more quickly to evolving needs. The pandemic made agility a much bigger factor for businesses than ever before, but ongoing economic volatility will probably keep it there. 

7. Provide a Better Employee Experience

Working smarter is one thing, but having tools that can eliminate most of the drudgery out of your employees’ day is a big deal. Over the past 20 years, most organizations have demanded that people add quite a bit of data entry and other administrative tasks into otherwise people-focused roles. 

With better tools, your talent can do more of what they love and less of what they don’t. Not only will you get more out of them, but they’ll also be happier and probably stay with you longer. 

Digital transformation is often a pretty big change, and big changes made all at once can be hard on your staff during the transition. But more employee engagement and empowerment are ultimately there at the finish line, and you can typically make the move incrementally.

How Marco Can Guide Your Transformation Strategy

Wondering which technology investments would get the most ROI the fastest? That’s our specialty. 

We offer in-depth technology assessments that will help you skip the research phase and get right to solutions that have worked wonders for organizations just like yours. And if you’d like help with implementation and user support, we can do that too.

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