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    Introducing Our New Service: Lifecycle Asset Discovery

    By: Jennifer Bohnsack
    July 27, 2018

    Every single IT asset within a business has a lifecycle, and its lifecycle helps determine the appropriate timeline for things like renewals, upgrades, maintenance and/or replacement. Now, depending on the number of assets your business owns, keeping track of them and their lifecycles can be a headache. To say the least.

    It’s pretty common for business stakeholders to be unaware of what IT assets they own, where those assets are installed, how they are operating and where they are at in their lifecycle. If you’re a business stakeholder without an IT lifecycle management plan in place, it might be time to get things started with Lifecycle Asset Discovery.

    What is Lifecycle Asset Discovery?

    Introducing Our New Service: Lifecycle Asset DiscoveryEach and every piece of technology has a lifecycle. That lifecycle includes its productive life, along with any subscriptions or renewals required to keep an asset online. Lifecycle Asset Discovery is first and foremost about discovering what IT assets are operating on your network. Once we know what’s there, we can determine the lifecycle information for managing each individual asset.

    After organizing the information, we put together a basic procurement plan based on our findings. Then, the procurement plan can be used to more effectively manage your business technology. Managing IT assets is essential for today’s business owners, and Lifecycle Asset Discovery is a great starting point for doing just that.

    Marco’s Lifecycle Asset Discovery Benefits Businesses

    With the information gathered, we build out a lifecycle management plan – including procurement recommendations – that is realistic for your business. With this plan, you’re able to plan for renewals and subscriptions in advance, and you can be more proactive about your IT investments. After all, it’s near impossible to budget and plan for investments in IT infrastructure without first knowing what you currently have.

    As an added benefit, you can use your IT asset information for insurance purposes. We’ve had more than a few customers find out the insurance coverage for their business technology assets was significantly below the actual value of their assets. With a comprehensive list of the visible assets operating on your network, you can ensure your insurance coverage is adequate for your business.

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