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    Internet Crime Report: Learn if Your Business and Employees are Vulnerable

    By: Mike Burgard
    June 28, 2021

    We spend half our lives on the web these days, from uploading selfies on Instagram to accessing  financial records online. A lot of important data is being shared, looked at and downloaded. 

    All that information can easily fall into the wrong hands.

    According to the FBI’s 2020 Internet Crime Report, reported losses due to Internet crime in the United States exceeded $4.1 billion last year. That’s a 69% increase since 2019. Internet crime is rising at an alarming rate. And if one of these cybercriminals does happen upon your business, you want to be sure that your data, your customers' data and your employees' data is protected. 

    Below, we’ll cover top statistics from the FBI’s Internet Crime Report, to help determine whether your business or employees are in a high-risk demographic. 

    Then, we’ll answer your most likely follow-up questions: What do I do if I become a victim of an Internet crime? And most importantly: How can I prevent myself and my employees from becoming victims in the first place?

    hacker committing internet crime

    Victims of internet crime can be any age

    According to the FBI’s report, Internet crime affects people of all ages, but some more than others:

    • 19 and younger – Complaints filed: 23,186; total financial loss: $70.9 million
    • 20-29 years old – Complaints filed: 70,791; total financial loss: $197 million
    • 30-39 years old – Complaints filed: 88,364; total financial loss: $492 million
    • 40-49 years old – Complaints filed: 91,568; total financial loss: $717 million 
    • 50-59 years old – Complaints filed: 85,967; total financial loss: $847.9 million
    • 60 and older – Complaints filed: 105,301; total financial loss: $966 million

    Based on these numbers, it’s clear that the older demographics have a higher likelihood of falling prey to a malicious cybercrime. This is understandable, seeing that so much of the tech world didn’t even exist 30 years ago. Keeping your employees educated about phishing attempts and password safety is a good first step toward ensuring your business security.

    However, age isn’t the only factor that you need to take into consideration when determining the risk level for your business and your employees.

    LOCATION matters

    Where your business is located plays a large role in how susceptible you and your business are to Internet crimes. Below are the Top 10 states for cybercrime victims based on the number of complaints filed:

    1. California: 26,379 complaints
    2. Florida: 19,364 complaints
    3. Texas: 12,914 complaints
    4. New Jersey: 10,616 complaints
    5. New York: 10,052 complaints
    6. Maryland: 7,279 complaints
    7. Illinois: 4,780 complaints
    8. Georgia: 4,321 complaints
    9. Pennsylvania: 4,066 complaints
    10. Virginia: 3,929 complaints

    As you can see, the geography of Internet crime varies widely, but the consequences are dire, no matter where you live or where your business is located.

    The amount of money lost to Internet crime by state is another worrying statistic, with the top states listed below:

    1. California: $233.9 million
    2. New York: $142.6 million
    3. Texas: $135.5 million 
    4. Florida: $125 million
    5. Ohio: $83.5 million
    6. Georgia: $63.9 million
    7. Illinois: $52.6 million
    8. Washington: $47 million
    9. Colorado: $42.9 million
    10. New Jersey: $38 million

    As you can see from these statistics, if you have employees who are 40 to 60 years old and live or work in California (for example), your business’ chance of falling victim to cybercrime is much higher than you might have anticipated.

    Internet Crime Complaint Center Can help  

    The FBI works tirelessly to catch cybercriminals in the act and to prevent future crimes from destroying businesses like yours. But despite the FBI's best efforts, these crimes are becoming more frequent and more difficult to anticipate.   

    Internet crime is a multi-faceted menace. Extortion, personal and corporate data breaches, tech support fraud and even government impersonation are some of the ways cybercriminals relentlessly attempt to steal from you and your business. 

    The Internet Crime Complaint Center is a trustworthy source for information on cybercriminal activity and a reliable provider of step-by-step instructions on how to report an Internet crime after falling victim.

    Don’t be a victim of cybercrime

    There are steps you can take for yourself and your business to avoid becoming a statistic in the FBI's 2021 Internet Crime Report. Every day that your business goes without a reliable and diligent network security team puts you and your company at risk.

    Marco’s technology services are proactive and take a holistic approach to network security. We look at your management—along with your internal and external policies—to design your ideal solution. We provide your end-users flexibility, while securely protecting your information, applications and network. It’s about working better together.

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