Industries Reshaping Consumer Experiences with Aruba Networks

By: Mike Welling
March 30, 2016

Attending a professional football game includes a long list of positives: the roar of the crowd, contagious excitement and in-your-face action. Finding yourself swept up and enveloped in the sheer magnitude of it all is part of the fun. However, this seems less impressive when you’re missing the third quarter waiting in line for a hotdog with all the fixings.

Industries reshaping consumer experiences with products from Aruba NetworksStadiums implementing technology solutions from Aruba Networks are quickly eliminating the downsides of attending events. For example: Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, was an early adopter of wireless beacon technology. This technology lets fans use an app to digitally interact with stadium services on their mobile devices.


How Aruba Networks Enhance the Stadium Experience

Levi’s Stadium has 1,000 Aruba beacons installed throughout the facility and hundreds of Wi-Fi access points. By emitting Bluetooth signals, the beacons can connect to any device with Bluetooth capabilities. To protect privacy, attendees must opt-in to use the beacons and the stadium’s app. Once opted-in, users can order food and beverages to be delivered to their seat. 

With the advent of Aruba Mobile Engagement software, IT managers easily monitor the beacons and ensure functionality. Beacons in need of battery replacement notify IT via wireless signals. The custom stadium app fits seamlessly because Aruba’s software development kit provides a framework for mobile apps to communicate with the beacons. Aruba boasts ease of deployment and ease of use as top features.


Retail and Medical Industries Implementing Aruba Networks

Grocery and department stores are attaching Aruba Wireless beacons to shopping carts. This way, customers who have opted-in receive discounts or offers based on where they’re located in the store. It’s done through seamless communication between the beacons and your mobile device.

Hospitals are also using Aruba products to locate medical equipment more efficiently. By placing a beacon on EKG carts, hospital staff can easily search for the closest machine. This capability saves precious staff time, and, depending on the severity of a given situation, has the capacity to save lives.


Aruba Networks, acquired by HP Enterprises in 2015, is the industry’s leading wireless networking company. With its ease of deployment and use, hospitals, retail stores and event facilities can provide ways for users and visitors to more easily interact. Aruba Networks provides wireless networking that’s customizable and highly resilient.

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