6 Reasons Microsoft Office 365 Would Add Ease to Your Office

By: Clay Ostlund
November 11, 2019

Why are people (i.e. businesses) going to Microsoft Office 365? Is it because they’re looking for ways to give Microsoft more money? I can’t imagine a lot of businesses making their choice for that reason. Still, Microsoft Office 365 has over 120 million monthly active users, a number that continues to grow year over year. So, what are some of the reasons they make the choice? 

Here are six.

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1. Simplified Administration

You'll no longer have to run exchange servers. You’re not arguing with end users about how big their mailboxes can be. The mailboxes are much larger with Microsoft Office 365. In general, the overall administration, from licensing and beyond, are much easier with Microsoft Office 365. 

2. Mobile Access and BYOD

Whether you have a traditional workforce or a workforce that brings in their own devices and need to work in different locations inside and outside of the office, Microsoft Office 365 enables that functionality. The workplace is changing, and Microsoft Office 365 accommodates those changes far better than any other program developed for the traditional workplace. People can work from any device.

All Microsoft Office 365 applications work on Apple and Android devices, inside and outside the office. Microsoft has structured their software to deliver complete, consistent performance regardless of device or location. For the millennial generation, this device flexibility makes a huge difference. 

3. Lower Capital Expenses

There can be some lower overall costs with Microsoft Office 365, but where the software really stands out is in terms of capital expenditures. Businesses today know that being hit with capital expenditures is not helpful in a budgetary sense. Especially when the capital expense is unplanned. Needing to do a large licensing refresh or upgrade servers based on larger Microsoft applications doesn’t force businesses into making unplanned capital investments with Microsoft Office 365. 

4. Powerful Collaboration

Powerful collaborations tools within Microsoft Office 365 can maximize your productivity, and Microsoft is continuing to add to those. They want Microsoft Office 365 to function as a collaboration hub within your organization. And many other collaboration vendors are integrating with the Microsoft Office 365 environment. Because it's where Microsoft customers are going, the collaboration tools are going there too.

5. Scalability and Flexibility

If you were to acquire a company, add a whole new sales team into your company, or just add a large group of employees for one reason or another (maybe your first-line workers, those who don’t have computers but you do want to give them email access). There’s a lot of scalability and flexibility that’s inherent in the platform.

For example, you’re never going to have to wonder, do we have enough server room or licenses to remain compliant? It’s as simple as going into your administrator portal, requesting the new services and that’s the end of you. 

6. Ability for More Robust Security and Compliance

You have the ability to have better security and compliance than what would be possible without Microsoft 365. There are so many programs (from Microsoft and from third-party vendors) who give you a lot more options around security and compliance. The Microsoft Office 365 platform is a very consumable and cost-effective platform that delivers results.


These are some of the main reasons why businesses are opting into Microsoft Office 365. Namely, one of the biggest reasons is because the workforce and where people want to work is changing over time. The ways in which Microsoft Office 365 enables collaboration, BYOD, mobile access, scalability and flexibility make it one of the most accessible options for all different types of teams. Microsoft Office 365 is always up-to-date, easy to budget for and always secure. 

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