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    How Does the Cloud Work & Will it Benefit Your Business?

    By: Marco
    February 20, 2014

    what_is_the_cloudThe cloud has been around for several years, proving that it is more than just a passing technological fad. Still, many people aren’t entirely sure what the cloud is, how it works or how beneficial it can be for business. Let’s take a quick look at the basics of the cloud and how it works, and then we will get into how your business could benefit.

    What Companies Need to Compete

    When you look at everything a business needs to be successful, it becomes clear how much energy and money goes into maximizing business operations.

    1. You’ll need hardware and a network. To run properly, these require power, cooling, servers, data center and reliable backup. This hardware must be maintained and upgraded on a regular basis.
    2. Companies need software and applications.  This means managing licenses, updates and regular upgrades. To implement any of these, you’ll need experts to deploy, configure, develop, test and maintain. The bigger the company and the more complex the systems, the more complicated the software, the more likely problems will occur.

    Today, every business needs to address these system requirements, even if your company seemingly has nothing to do with technology. Businesses of all shapes and sizes require technology to operate and therefore have these ongoing computing needs.

    How Can the Cloud Address Business Needs?

    The first thing to know about the cloud is that it can effectively provide a business with many of the core services they need for computing. Hardware and software that used to require large allocations of money and time are now handled seamlessly through the cloud.

    Applications run in the cloud through a shared data center. This provides significant financial and time savings because your company no longer needs on-site servers and storage, nor do you need a team of experts to maintain these hardware and software systems.

    In addition to purchased software or business apps, many companies create and deploy propriety systems, which can be more quickly and cost effectively implemented through the cloud.

    How Does the Cloud Work?

    The reason the cloud is so much faster and cheaper is because it is a computing source shared by many businesses. Essentially, working in the cloud is like having many different businesses working within a single building and sharing computing resources. An added benefit of the cloud includes the flexibility to change as your business needs change.

    Finally, all maintenance, from apps and software to storage and networking, is handled by a single cloud provider.

    Is it Secure?

    Probably the most important aspect of cloud services, from a business perspective, is security. This is where cloud computing shines. Security is constantly being updated to address the latest viruses and security vulnerabilities. This can take up a large amount of time and energy for many businesses. The cloud offers a more reliable, secure environment than most businesses can manage individually.

    The Bottom Line 

    The bottom line is that all a company needs to have access to the latest network infrastructure and software applications is a cloud subscription. Businesses no longer need to maintain a capital budget for technology maintenance and improvements; you’ll now have more time and resources to put toward new projects that service your customers. Cloud services are more cost effective, freeing up resources to grow your business, instead of spending valuable resources maintaining technology.

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