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    Help is Here for Working Remote

    By: Matt Kanaskie
    April 7, 2020

    No one could have guessed a couple months ago where we would be today with so many businesses suddenly thrown into working remote full-time.

    For those of you who are still working through the kinks, know that we’re here and ready to help. We’ve assembled a team of IT specialists ready to provide support wherever you are in the process…and wherever the next weeks or months take you.

    Remote Work Bundles

    Often the most immediate need is simply getting the right equipment so your team can pick up at home where they left off at work. We don’t think about that second monitor until we go without it for a week or two. We don’t realize how many times we have to print and scan until we’re without a multi-functional device. And we never knew how convenient it was to have a full-function phone at our fingertips with a corporate directory, four-digit dials, three-way calling, and hold and transfers until we don’t have it. Trying to work without all of the resources we’re used to is not only frustrating, it impacts our productivity.

    To get you set up quickly, Marco put together a number of Remote Work Bundles available at our eStorefront. Our bundles include laptops, docking stations, monitors, keyboard and mouse combinations, Bluetooth speakers and speaker phones, headsets, desk phones and multi-function printers. You can choose a pre-built bundle as is…or add and delete products to get the bundle that best fits your needs.

    Long-Term Remote Strategies

    It’s hard to predict how long the current situation will last, but there’s no doubt these circumstances will forever impact how we do business. For our customers who were set up with managed IT, cloud voice, cloud computing or mobile desktop, the transition to working remotely was seamless. All they had to do was go home.

    If your company has been considering some of these platforms, now is the perfect time to talk with us about a long-term remote strategy. We’ll take a look at your current systems and help you find more proactive and sustainable ways to do business. Investing in remote technologies can help you become more nimble, productive and prepared for whatever the future holds. Through virtualization of software, we can quickly and effectively deliver solutions that don’t require an onsite install or product hardware.

    Remote Work Strategy_BLOG

    Productivity, perceptions and peace of mind

    When we don’t have access to the devices and technologies we’re accustomed to, it creates roadblocks in our workflow and affects our productivity. But that’s not the only downfall of coming up short in our work-from-home approach.

    Not having the right equipment and applications can also send the wrong impression to our customers who may perceive us as being unprepared or less than professional.

    Lastly, providing your team with the tools they need to work, collaborate and connect more efficiently improves morale and creates a sense of normalcy at a time when stress is high. Providing your employees and your customers with peace of mind has a return on investment you can’t measure.


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