Get the Best Network Security Services with Cisco As A Firewall

By: Clay Ostlund
September 17, 2015

The new Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) Firewall comes from one of the most trusted information technology brands and represents the next generation in firewall and security services. From device monitoring abilities to intrusion detection, Cisco's new firewall service takes network security to the next level.

First Adaptive, Next-generation Firewall

Cisco is the only manufacturer offering network security that has advanced beyond much of the current knowledge and technology available. The new adaptive system developed by Cisco is an industry first and was designed to meet the security challenges of a new network and computing era head-on. From advanced malware to comprehensive insight into the activity on your network, Cisco ASA is ready to guard your company's network before, during and after any attack.

Multilayered Threat Protection

Cisco ASA FirePOWER is a distinctive firewall that focuses more on the threats posed to your network, rather than focusing on the inward issues of your network. The system offers comprehensive protection from known threats on the Web, as well as advanced threats such as targeted and persistent malware attacks. Cisco achieves this goal using intrusion prevention systems, ULR filtering, identity policy control and built-in network filtering that is compiled into the FireSIGHT analytics and automation system, giving you a complete view of your network.

Network Visitility That Leads the Way

If you want to stop threats to your network, you need to know what's going on across your network. First-class network security services require advanced features that only Cisco ASA provides.

With Cisco's AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solutions, you can allow your employees the freedom to use the corporate network on devices other than laptops and desktops belonging to the company.

Security Services

This helps boost employee productivity without sacrificing network security by extending your vision to all devices accessing and using your network. Granular application visibility ensures support for over 3,000 application-layer and risk-based controls, giving you peace of mind that your network is secure regardless of the devices connecting to it.

Visibility features don't just enhance your view on devices connecting to your network, but also boosts the ability to protect the company's network from internal threats. This includes the unauthorized use of certain types of webpages and blocks the threat from known corrupt websites that employees may inadvertently be using.

The visibility of Cisco ASA extends beyond mobile devices to include data about specific users, client-side apps, communication between virtual machines and various locations within your enterprise, while blocking out hundreds of millions of URLs from 80 different categories compiled and certified by Cisco.

Greater Flexibility in a Streamlined System

The FireSIGHT Management system allows your company and IT administrators to streamline operations in a manner that correlates threats to security incidents on the network. This means you can more easily assess the impact, tune security policy to respond quickly, attribute a potential user identity to the breach and help speed remediation in the aftermath of the threat conditions. Among the most important features of network security services today are those which improve a company's flexibility, while streamlining its security services. After all, what good is a security system if it's too complex to understand and capitalize on? Cisco ASA easily adapts to your current IT environment, workflow and network fabric so you can have it up and running without headaches, and more importantly, without flaws.

This availability extends beyond just one office location as well. Adopt Cisco ASA for one office location or roll it out across your entire enterprise and you'll enjoy the same level of network security services regardless. It's a highly scalable system that operates at multigigabit speeds to provide consistent, robust security across branches and data centers, to various physical and virtual environments.

As a result, Cisco ASA is a perfect network security solution for any sized company. Small-scale systems operate on standalone devices that are perfect for small businesses, while high-performance throughput systems can meet the challenge of providing network security services across larger enterprise data center environments.

Cisco ASA is a leap forward in firewall protection. If you are interested in learning more:

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