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    Ensure a Successful Cloud Migration by Asking these 4 Questions

    By: Marco
    January 15, 2014

    cloud_migrationSo you’re considering making the move to the cloud. Congratulations! The cloud is how most businesses will apply technology in the future and we’re glad to hear you’re considering taking the necessary steps to stay relevant and competitive in your industry. Prepare for the transition and lessen your concerns about a cloud migration by discussing these questions with a Managed Cloud Services provider.

    #1 - What Successful Experience Have You Had Migrating Businesses to the Cloud?

    Ask your Managed Cloud Services provider about their experience transitioning businesses from their current infrastructure to the cloud. They should be able to share details about how their process has been successful for other businesses similar to yours. Also, they may wish to share, or you may want to ask, about tweaks they have made to their process along the way to make the transition easier and smoother for all parties involved.

    Managed Cloud Services providers are the experts, so feel free to put their knowledge to the test by asking about their past successes. Knowing that they have done this before should help ease any of your worries and build trust between your team and the provider you’ve chosen.

    #2 - Which Cloud Migration Technique is Best for My Business?

    There are two common cloud migration techniques – the phased approach and a same-day conversion. According to Channel Partners, “Phased approaches are less risky, but can lead to a lengthy state of coexistence between two systems, which may result in numerous day-to-day service issues. A well-planned “big bang” approach is generally much cleaner and guarantees all users are on the same system in the cloud from the start.”

    Your Managed Cloud Services provider will likely have a recommended plan based on your timeline, business needs, data amount and more, but ask them to provide specific pros and cons for each technique relative to your business. Take time to consider these details with your internal team and your provider before settling on a final decision.

    #3 - What is Our Cloud Migration Plan?

    It is extremely important to have a comprehensive migration plan laid out to ensure all parties are on the same page. It forces everyone involved to think through all details that are necessary for a successful cloud migration. This plan should document:

    • Tasks that need to be completed
    • Who is responsible for each task
    • Task timeline
    • What interruptions or work-arounds to expect
    • What measures are being implemented to keep your data secure during the transfer
    • Backup plans to address any issues, should they arise

    #4 - How and When Should I Communicate the Cloud Migration Plan to My End Users?

    Finally, after the above questions have been answered you will need to inform your team members of the transition that is about to take place. After all, this will directly affect how they work. Ask your Managed Cloud Services provider for advice and best practices for communicating this type of change. Your communication should be balanced between the benefits provided and the impact it will have on your current business operations and the changes your team can expect.


    In addition to these questions, you will want to make sure you eliminate any concerns you have by asking any remaining questions you or your team have about how this transition will affect your business operations. Here are some questions that address common concerns about a cloud migration:

    1. What business changes should I expect after we’ve migrated to the cloud?
    2. Is the cloud secure – will my data be safe?
    3. What happens if we lose Internet connection?
    4. What benefit does the cloud provide over my current technology?

    Your cloud migration will be the most successful if you address all of your concerns and anticipate your business’s future in the cloud. Check out our Cloud FAQ blog series for answers to some of these questions and more.

    If you’re ready to ask a Managed Cloud Services provider these questions, contact a Marco Cloud Specialist today.

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