Encryption Software brings Security to Your Business

By: Marco
November 22, 2016

With the popularity of working remotely, collaborating in digital spaces and bringing your own device (BYOD) into work, the amount of data being transferred is truly astronomical. What’s keeping your data secure?

Encryption Explained

Encryption Software brings Security to Your Business Encryption is a process of securing information by making it unreadable to anyone without the key for translating the information back to its original form. In order to solve or translate an encrypted message, you need to apply the key (also known as a cipher).

If you’ve ever completed a hidden message puzzle where all the letters have been changed and you need to uncover the message, you already have a basic understanding of encryption

Encryption Software and Security

Like the example with the puzzle, encryption software scrambles your data: messages, emails, banking data, personal information, video, images and more. This way, the data is unreadable to any unauthorized individuals - anyone without the key. It’s a more sophisticated, multi-layered version of security.

Aside from maintaining privacy, encryption software is focused on preventing cybercrime, data theft and hacking. Taking steps to protect both company information and client information is a priority for many organizations today.

Bringing Data Security to Your Business

Put simply, data privacy is the key reason to encrypt. It’s about protecting personal, financial, corporate and classified information. In order to implement encryption software that’s effective, knowledge of the technology, the network and storage equipment needs to be assessed to determine their encryption capabilities.

While the concept of encryption is simple, it becomes increasingly complex once you start considering all of the variables, needs and capabilities involved. That’s where working with a team of experts who’ll listen to your specific needs, assess your current technologies and design a custom solution is vital.

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