Digital Signage Solutions for Schools: Improving More than Just Navigation

By: Dan Olk
March 2, 2015

digitalsignagesolutionsforschoolsAdvanced digital technology allows businesses, retail stores, schools and more to display multiple messages with varied content on a digital monitor. It is a powerful avenue for communication, connection and information-sharing. The placement and functionality of digital signage solutions provide a valuable resource for viewers and a reliable platform for organizations.

Exploring Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage solutions consist of electronic displays and screens to deliver information, entertainment and advertisements.  The information delivered can include images, text, video, animation or audio files. For schools, digital signage solutions offer a number of benefits that help spread and enhance messages to students, teachers and administrators, as well as the local community.

Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions

The variety of benefits schools can enjoy courtesy of digital signage solutions varies by the level of need and adoption. Most schools will experience the following benefits, to some degree:

#1: Quick Dissemination of Info

Administrators can quickly post news and information over the school’s network infrastructure. This allows students and teachers to see these updated messages in near-real time, creating a more informed campus.

#2: Viewer Education

Messages on digital signage can include any important and timely information the institution wants or needs to share. You can use digital signage to further a student’s education with engaging and fun quizzes, word games and other immersive content.

#3: Upcoming Event Notifications

Digital signage solutions are a great tool for promoting campus events. Upcoming workshops, dances, club meetings, sporting events, concerts and other events can be promoted by displaying dates, times and locations with ease.

#4: Time Savings

Rather than running around campus to staple flyers to message boards or emailing newsletters to various departments, digital signage can be controlled and shared from a centralized location. Messages can be composed, edited and updated from a single location and shared to all digital signage locations with just a few clicks of a mouse.

#5: Creative Engagement

Digital signage solutions allow the opportunity for students and staff to contribute by creating graphics, writing copy and even producing videos to be shared and displayed via the system.

#6: Go Green

Last but not least, digital signage solutions offer a green solution that can help your institution save money, conserve resources and reduce paper signage waste.

Digital Signage in Action: University of St. Thomas

The University of St. Thomas is Minnesota’s largest higher education private institution. When the school opened its new Anderson Student Center in 2010, Marco partnered with the school to design and implement an effective AV technology system for the building. Marco’s competitive pricing and experienced technical engineers made it a natural choice.

As a hub for student connections, communication and socialization on campus, St. Thomas relied upon Marco to develop and implement an effective digital signage solution that would benefit students, teachers and administrators on campus. Marco started by installing state-of-the-art technology throughout the building that included interactive signage to communicate dining facility information (hours, menus, locations), local area news (weather status and updates) and promotional content.

Guests in the Anderson Student Center are greeted by digital signage displays that provide information and interactive maps. These digital signage solutions make it easy for current and prospective students, guests on campus and teachers to quickly locate an office, meeting room or restaurant, without feeling lost or overwhelmed.

Marco’s digital signage solution at St. Thomas included 90 professional-grade Sharp television displays, with the centerpiece digital signage display consisting of a 9 ft. x 6 ft. display wall that can either display nine separate messages, or one large message. Additional installations include a recreation center with multiple video game platforms, conference rooms with full AV systems and controls and private dining areas with digital signage.

The goal for the University of St. Thomas was to create a friendlier campus experience for everyone. From menus with meal pictures and pricing to advertisements for the school’s bowling alley, the digital signage solution at the University of St. Thomas created a welcoming atmosphere with effective communication methods that keep all viewers updated.

To explore digital signage solutions for your business or school system, request a consultation.

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