Digital Signage 101

By: Dan Olk
January 11, 2023

Is there a sign at your entrance that nobody ever seems to see? It seems like a small point, but when the tenth person breezes right past the “Please wait until your name is called” sign that morning, it may be difficult for your staff to remain patient. 

To be fair, all of us are bombarded with information and all kinds of distractions, and it’s hard for important messages to stand out. Digital signage is one way to solve common workplace frustrations, improve communication — and, depending on your business — increase profits. 

What Is Dynamic, or Digital Signage?

Dynamic and digital signage are two terms that are basically used to describe the same thing. Dynamic signage can display a wide variety of content on a pre-set schedule, and provide updates in real-time. Unlike traditional signage, you can adjust your message as your needs and goals change. 

Digital Signage Examples

If you’ve been inside a fast food chain lately, chances are that the menu you saw behind the cashiers was displayed on digital signage. It’s an eye-catching way to display tempting images, and companies can change the menu as needed, highlight seasonal items, and adjust prices easily. 

Other popular uses of digital signage include the following:

  • Photos, company information, welcome messages, and employee achievements 
  • How-to videos and customer spotlights
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Current wait times
  • Interactive maps of your facility that can zoom in and out and provide helpful location descriptions
  • Local news, a stock ticker, and sports scores
  • Weather alerts and road conditions
  • Schedules and updated gate information at transit hubs

What Is Interactive Digital Signage? 

Interactive digital signage is a type of digital signage that a user can interact with through a touchscreen. 

Interactive digital signage is especially helpful for relaying more complex information, like answers to frequently asked questions, or directions to a specific location. 

Some fast food chains have also incorporated this technology into kiosks where you can place an order and pay for it without ever talking to a cashier. These kiosks were especially helpful during the pandemic (and associated labor shortages), but digital signage has a number of long-term benefits to businesses.  

The 5 Benefits of Automated Digital Signage

There are five main benefits of digital signage:

  1. More ROI
  2. Improved customer experience 
  3. Better employee experience 
  4. Flexibility
  5. Easy management

Let’s explore each of these benefits further.

More ROI

It’s hard to argue with the numbers. 76% of customers in the U.S. will enter a store for the first time because of its digital signage. 67% say they frequently buy products based on what they’ve seen on digital signage. And retail businesses that use digital signage see a 24% increase in traffic. Add it all up, and it’s perhaps not surprising that digital signage increases overall sales volume by 31.8%.

Improved Customer Experience 

Being greeted by a salesperson can be a pleasant, welcoming experience. But being frequently interrupted by multiple salespeople to ask if you’ve heard about the latest sale can be annoying…especially if they tend to yell at you from across the store. 

Digital signage can help customers stay informed about current promotions, learn about or compare different products, and more without feeling like they’re constantly warding off pushy salespeople. What’s more, appealing digital signage can reduce perceived wait times at the counter by 35%.

A Better Employee Experience 

Having to repeat yourself over and over is frustrating for anyone. Digital signage helps important messages get seen by customers, patients, and guests, because it captures 400% more views than static signage. 

Plus, digital signage can also be used to communicate important company-wide information, recognize employee achievements, and remind staff of important goals or upcoming events.


This one-and-done investment will allow you to adjust your messaging as your needs change. What your digital signage can communicate for you is almost limitless.

Easy Management

You can easily update your content in the cloud from anywhere. And if you use inventory management software, you might even be able to integrate it with your digital signage, so you can feature other products when you’re sold out of a particular item.

The Easiest Way to Get Started With Digital Signage

We’ve got this! At Marco, we have a dedicated digital signage team who can design your solution and help you manage it entirely in the cloud. And don’t worry — if your cloud connection is ever disrupted, your sign content won’t be affected. 

We can also get you started with touchscreen kiosks to make it easy for guests or customers to navigate, order, pay, and preview items. If you’re considering incorporating digital signage into your space, we can help you skip over the research phase and recommend the products that will drive the most ROI.

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