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    Business VoIP Service Providers: How to Choose the Right One

    By: Chris Kadoun
    December 11, 2014

    business_voip_service_providersWith so many different options to choose from for business communication, VoIP has become an important solution many businesses are implementing. VoIP has the potential to significantly lower costs, and merge voice and data systems into one, easy-to-use platform. It also creates a platform designed for enhanced collaboration and remote communication. Best of all, the VoIP system is easily customizable so each business can have exactly they want, without having to pay a dime for anything that is not needed.

    Important Questions to Consider When Switching to VoIP

    • How can my business benefit from switching to a VoIP system?
    • Is VoIP compatible with my current telecommunications system and what new equipment will I need?
    • Is the system user friendly and easy to adopt?
    • Are customization options available so I can tailor the system to my needs?
    • Can I add more lines down the road if need be for a minimal cost?
    • Is the service provider reliable?
    • What are customers saying about the VoIP system?
    • How do the fees, services and security features compare to other systems offered by the provider?


    Selecting a VoIP system and service provider can be a daunting task. To make things easier, there are 3 things to keep in mind:

    #1: Cost Transparency Considerations

    One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing your provider is cost-effectiveness. VoIP service providers will give you an itemized list of what expenses you can expect to pay over the course of the year, two years, five years, etc. If they aren't up front with you in regards to billing and expenses, then consider that a major red flag. Look for a provider that is open and upfront with their customers, and that begins with pricing transparency.  

    #2: Mobility Options and Features are Vitally Important

    VoIP makes remote desktop work possible and allows for greater freedom with business communication, so employees are able to conduct business and get their work done wherever they are. There is no longer a need to be tied to an office or desk for 8+ hours a day. VoIP works on laptops, desktops, tablets and smart phones. All employees can have constant connection and access to the VoIP network, no matter where they are. The VoIP system also makes it easier and cheaper to network and communicate with team members and customers in different time zones; it is far more affordable than traveling for on-site conference meetings. This saves money and time, and helps maximize client interactions. This type and quality of communication goes a long way in preventing missed business opportunities and promoting greater customer satisfaction.

    Additionally, it is important to research features available on the telephone itself. Your options range from very basic, with limited features such as making, receiving and transferring calls to feature-rich hardware. Advanced features include do-not-disturb capabilities and busy lamps that allow you to know when co-workers are on the phone. Consider your needs and choose a phone with features that allow those needs to be met. 

    #3: The Importance of Quality of Service (QoS)

    Quality of Service is the term used to define how well a voice call experience is: how clear and uninterrupted the call is. VoIP relies on bandwidth, so when too much data is being transferred or other applications are competing for the bandwidth, then the quality of the call can be greatly reduced. Your VoIP service provider needs to ensure that the VoIP system is priority and that they are allocated the most bandwidth when in use.

    Slower networks and equipment can be upgraded to help boost connection speeds, improve call quality and allow for multiple application use during the calls. The quality of service can make or break your business communication, so take the time to choose your provider carefully.


    VoIP is one of the best communication technologies available to businesses today; it has the potential to significantly change the way you do business. Partnering with the right business VoIP service providers will enhance your experience and capabilities. Start the discussion today with one of our VoIP specialists. 

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