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    Business Enablement that Extends Beyond Technology

    By: Todd Erne
    September 1, 2016

    You may have heard the phrase “business enablement” getting tossed around or making its way into business conversation, and if you’re like a lot of people, you don’t quite have a handle on what it means, exactly. Unlike typical business buzzwords, business enablement has actual significance. Here's a brief overview of business enablement and what it could mean for your organization.

    What is Business Enablement?  

    Business EnablementBusiness enablement occurs when the individuals who understand the current state of business as well as it's future opportunities, have the ability to initiate the necessary changes to make that happen. It’s about alleviating the bottlenecks to growth and progress without opening the business up to safety and security concerns. It’s about empowering businesses to adapt and modify processes without running into roadblocks. And, exactly what business enablement entails depends upon your specific business goals. 

    Typically, business enablement focuses on business technology and the potential it has to either facilitate or disrupt progress. You see, not all business technology works toward enablement. Sometimes, business technology can keep an organization from realizing organic growth or seizing opportunities. Businesses operating without a scalable, integrated infrastructure might encounter growth hurdles.


    Beyond Business Technology

    Yes, business enablement is deeply connected to business technology, but that’s not where it ends. At its core, business enablement is about the corporate responsibility to drive simplification and efficiency efforts. It’s about finding an organizational balance between empowerment and security, between goal setting and the pace and flexibility needs of modern business.

    Leadership has a vested interest and there is a proven ROI in developing support initiatives that enable growth. Not only do they have the potential to differentiate your business from that of your competitors, but they can also aid in employee retention.

    The problem is, if your leadership team and IT staff are focusing on day-to-day business maintenance simply to ensure technologies are functioning as they should, there may not be enough time to dedicate elsewhere. The elsewhere I’m referring to is business process improvements and simplification efforts. 

    Business enablement allows you to be proactive with your business technologies, instead of reactive. 


    Business Enablement Can Be Simple

    While this can be difficult to remember when your servers won't communicate and your firewalls block data transfers, it remains true: business technology is meant to simplify. But this simplification doesn’t happen on its own.

    When you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of an integrated infrastructure without added security risks, you need more than a just a technology solution. You need a partner who will help you find a custom-developed, integrated, differentiated solution. A solution capable of providing a pathway to achieving strategic business goals and building sustainable growth.  

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