How Local Cloud Storage Providers Differ from Big-Name Suppliers

By: Marco
November 11, 2013

Because it seems unfamiliar and remote, cloud storage can seem a scary investment for businesses. There are many unanswered questions and a fear of the unknown surrounding this latest technology development. With big-name cloud storage suppliers, such as Amazon or Google, it seems all you do is pay for mysterious storage space you can’t see or touch and there is no one to ask if you have a question. It’s hard to validate what you are actually getting for your money.

Local cloud storage providers can eliminate these fears and the lack of attention associated with a virtual company.

local cloud storage providers

There’s a Face Behind the Name

It can be extremely frustrating when there is no one to ask a question or get support from when something goes wrong with a service you aren’t familiar with. When you purchase cloud storage from big-name suppliers, your relationship ends at the point of sale – from that point forward, most times, you are on your own.

Imagine buying a new vehicle and as soon as you drive off the lot, you become personally responsible for maintenance and repair that is required and you don’t have anyone to call for assistance.

Relationships Exist with Local Providers

Purchasing cloud storage from a local provider extends the relationship beyond the sale. They care more about keeping your business from the initial transaction through providing ongoing high quality support.

Local cloud storage providers are equipped with the knowledge and passion to answer your questions, address your concerns and help you understand how a cloud storage solution will benefit your business. There will be a real person to talk to, willing and able to make you comfortable with your decision of taking your business’s data storage to the cloud. They’ll also be able to assist you through the implementation and provide ongoing support.

Hands-On Support is Available

This relationship truly becomes important when your system crashes and panic sets in. Local support will be there to answer your questions and walk you through getting your systems back up and running.

This is drastically different from big-name cloud storage providers. In these circumstances you must have someone, or multiple people, within your office capable of rebuilding your system and answering your employee’s questions or addressing data availability concerns. These can be daunting and complicated tasks, especially if your staff doesn’t have the necessary expertise and or experience. 

You Won’t Assume All Liability

A local cloud storage provider is more willing to take on the responsibility of data integrity, whereas a big-name supplier may not. (Additionally, if you are using a data storage system within your office, you have sole liability.) Working with a local provider removes the liability concerns from your shoulders; you are paying to ensure your data is secure. If something happens to your systems, your provider is responsible for fixing the issues and helping repair the damage.

Typically, liability isn’t a concern until something goes wrong – but when it does, you will be thankful you have someone with the experience and expertise working to answer your questions, offer solutions and get your systems up and running quickly.


Transitioning to the cloud can be challenging and a little scary, especially if there is no one to lean on for support. Local cloud storage providers offer the support services that big-name suppliers traditionally can’t. Plus, as local providers ease your transition into the cloud, they can also offer additional cloud services beyond basic data storage that can improve the way you do business. Talk to a technology advisor to discuss what is best for you.

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