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    6 Stats and Facts to Prove Using Sourcewell Leads to Success

    By: Jason Boutwell
    September 28, 2020

    Sourcewell is an organization whose sole purpose is to aid government agencies, school districts and nonprofit organizations in obtaining products and services in a more efficient manner. Below, I've gathered a few statistics and facts to prove why using Sourcewell leads to positive outcomes. 

    If you're new to Sourcewell, know this: they work with vendors to get the best possible prices for their products and services. Then, they use those vendor relationships to navigate the request for proposal (RFP) process and the competitive solicitations on behalf of its members. This allows government agencies, school districts and nonprofit organizations to gain access to the products and services they need without taking time and resources from the important things they do.

    1. Sourcewell has 50,000+ Members

    6 Stats and Facts to Prove Using NJPA Leads to SuccessThere are no minimum contract purchasing requirements or commitments required for members who use Sourcewell contracts. NPJA is in place to help qualifying entities access products and services, and they do not pay for this assistance. Membership has no-cost, commitment or liability.

    2. Sourcewell's Member Contract Use is Nearly $2 Billion in Purchasing, Annually

    Because Sourcewell allows members to purchase products and services without moving through a lengthy solicitation process while retaining the right to work with their preferred vendor, a high volume of annual purchases occur

    3. Sourcewell Has 200+ Contracts Bid on The National Level

    Due to its size and volume, they can leverage the purchasing power of the country's education, government and nonprofit entities to consider more than just price. Vendors are also decided on based on factors like quality, credibility and service.

    4. Vendor Contracts are Awarded at the Manufacturer Level and Supported Locally

    This supports the local economy of wherever members who receive products and services through Sourcewell contracts are located. 

    5. Sourcewell Maintains All Procurement Documentation for YoU

    Everything is stored safely and you have a concrete paper trail proving the validity of your purchases. 

    6. Sourcewell is a Self-Funded Governmental Unit

    In fact, it's the vendors who've been awarded purchasing contract rights who pay administrative fees to Sourcewell in the form of a percentage of sales processed. 

    Sourcewell completes the competitive solicitation and contract process on behalf of its members. This saves government, education and nonprofit entities significant time and resources, allowing them to redistribute those resources to other projects. However, members always have the choice to perform their own competitive solicitation process if they choose to. 

    If you're wondering when or if it's the right time to pursue an Sourcewell cooperative contract, get started by downloading our free eBook or contact one of Marco's Sourcewell specialists to learn more. 

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