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    5 Ways Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Supports Consistency

    By: Todd Erne
    September 15, 2016

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can transform the way your business uses technology. By separating your desktop environment from the physical computer, it provides access to your personal desktop and content, regardless of your physical location or the device being used.

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure & Business Performance

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enables remote and on-site employees to have equal access to their corporate desktops on a variety of devices. VDI provides end-users with a secure, flexible experience. VDI maintains consistent performance, especially in the areas outlined below. 


    1. Simplifies Management

    With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, nearly all maintenance, updates and patches can be completed remotely. As a result, less IT time is required and users experience minimal downtime. 

    2. Enhances Data Security

    All data is stored within your organization's data center, meaning it's backed up and protected by data center firewalls. If devices are lost, stolen or destroyed, stored data is not affected.  

    3. Supports a Mobile & BYOD Workforce

    More and more employees are opting into BYOD (bring your own device) for working both remotely and on-site. With VDI, end-users simply log-in to gain remote access to applications and data. A recent survery found 64.5% of executives cite mobility enablement as the number one benefit VDI provides. 

    4. Reduces Emergency Recovery Time

    While we hope nothing catastrophic ever happens, having an emergency or disaster recovery plan is good business. If the office is uninhabitable or the computing devices are destroyed, access to your organization's desktop infrastructure is unaffected. 

    5. Scales to Meet Any Organization's Size

    Increases or decreases in personnel are less likely to interrupt workflow or performance. Because of it's modular, scalable platform, unpredictable growth is supported. With log-in information, newly added employees can immediately access your organization's desktop environment. 

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