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    4 Ways Migrating to The Cloud That'll help you sleep better at night

    By: Justin Bigger
    June 15, 2016

    No, this isn’t a blog about comfortable mattresses or pillows. This is about hosted services and the importance of finding the right partner to help you make the transition. A good service provider remains a vital partner for your IT needs. That said, here are the benefits of the right cloud partnership that may help you sleep more soundly at night...

    1. Simplicity

    benefits_of_cloud_migration.pngThe most important and often cited benefit of migrating to the cloud is simplicity. With a hosted solution, you only deal with one vendor. That means all the tracking and updating and version control of all your organization’s software licenses is handled by someone else. 

    One vendor handling all those details also makes it easier on your IT department - not to mention having a predictable budget every month.

    2. Accessibility

    If you have remote employees or satellite offices, migrating to the cloud can make working from anywhere quite seamless. Employees will feel more connected to those they work with - regardless of location - and the people in your main offices can communicate more efficiently and more effectively with employees in branch or remote offices. 

    If you don’t have employees who want to work remotely from home, coffee shops, airports and hotel rooms, you likely will soon.

    3. Shared Liability

    By outsourcing some of your IT functions to a hosted solution with a reliable partner, you double your data’s insurance policy. Your company is responsible for your information’s security and backups. By working with an experienced cloud partner, you add an extra level of protection for your data and your network. It’s like having an extra insurance policy, except you are also adding a whole team of highly-skilled technicians watching over your data.

    4. Maximize your IT team

    Your IT team knows your business best. A hosted cloud solution is designed to take work off of your plate so you and your team can concentrate on core business functions. Often those projects your team doesn’t have time to work on are revenue generating and critical to the growth of your company. Wouldn’t it be great to work on those types of projects instead of chasing down server maintenance hiccups or questions about login resets.

    If technology didn’t change much, it would be simple to keep current on trends and innovations. But, that's not how it works. No one IT team can keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology. Having a pool of specialists can be a great resource when your questions and needs become complicated.   

    It’s important to remember that migrating to the cloud does not magically solve all your techonology issues - no matter what some IT vendors will tell you. It's important to have a good partner, one who responds to your questions, returns your calls and is invested in your success. Working with an experienced hosted cloud solution partner can give you more time to concentrate on the important and innovative solutions your team needs to focus on.

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