4 Reasons to Consider Aruba Networks

By: Mike Welling
January 8, 2024

Although Aruba sounds like a great place for retirement, it could also be the key to your organization's wireless future.

Aruba is a leading provider of next-generation network access solutions that first caught the attention of Hewlett-Packard because it introduced some very innovative wireless network solutions to the market. Hewlett Packard was so impressed that it made the move to acquire Aruba in 2015. So if you’re looking to upgrade your network capabilities, I’ll summarize why Aruba should get your attention as well.

Why Choose Aruba Networks?

Power, speed, and ease with Aruba

Generally speaking, Aruba has demonstrated its ability to deliver fast, reliable, and secure connectivity across diverse and complex business environments, which should be attractive to almost any organization that’s using more cloud tools than ever before. Aruba also offers built-in security, automation, and the kind of reliable performance that end users love. But let’s get a little more specific, with the 4 top reasons IT folks love Aruba.

1. Aruba Wireless = Instant IAP

Integrated access points (IAP) are key to every wireless network's performance. In the past, there were two ways to manage your access points. If you had only a few, say less than six, you could make adjustments to each one separately to change passwords or other configurations as needed.

After your organization acquires more than 6, however, this process becomes cumbersome. At this point, many organizations would adopt a controller system — a piece of hardware that could be attached to all of the wireless access points. The controller could then send any changes needed to all the access points from a central location.

A typical controller system can take hours to install, and the person doing the installation will need advanced IT skills. However, with Aruba’s Instant IAP, the controller is built into the access point, so you can quickly and easily manage all wireless devices in a fraction of the time. The setup also takes minutes, and it can be performed by any IT professional who has general wireless network knowledge.

2. Run Your Wireless Connection From the Cloud

Aruba also makes it easy to run your wireless network from the cloud. In that case, you would utilize Aruba Central to build a profile for your network, and your access points could be managed from there.

3. Boost Transparency With Airwave

In addition to Instant IAP, Aruba also introduced a tool for wireless networks called Airwave. Airwave can integrate into your existing network to give you information about the entire system. It creates a heatmap to show a wireless network manager where there is heavy usage, bottlenecks, dead zones, and any problems that occur.

4. Get Advanced Partitioning With ClearPass

Aruba’s ClearPass tool is another device that allows you to partition the wireless network based on your own rules and policies. In the case of a hotel, for example, you can use ClearPass to provide faster access to the networks for your business clients.

Hospitality businesses are constantly upgrading their facilities to attract guests, and today that also means the best and latest technology. What is saved on labor alone can make the investment of new Aruba products worthwhile.


Aruba Network Products Made for Small Businesses

Aruba for small businesses

If your business is small, and you don’t have any IT experts in-house, you’re not left out in the cold. Aruba Instant On is a great option for small businesses that needed to upgrade their network yesterday. 

Here are five reasons Aruba Instant On deserves the Marco bump:

  1. Instant On access points and software are designed to be configured in minutes without requiring expert wireless knowledge
  2. It’s cost-effective for small businesses with modest budgets but still provides enterprise-grade reliability and capabilities
  3. Devices can be monitored and managed remotely and easily through the Instant On mobile app or web portal
  4. The platform easily adapts to adding more access points, so you can scale up seamlessly
  5. Essential wireless protections like WPA enterprise-grade encryption, VLAN segmentation, and role-based access control are already included

Get Great Deals on Aruba Networks Products for Small to Medium Businesses

Big savings for Aruba from Marco

Here’s where knowing a large technology provider can get really helpful. We have a strategic partnership with Hewlett-Packard (HPE), like we do with many top equipment manufacturers around the world. It allows us to advocate for our clients and offer more competitive pricing, all while providing the kind of technical and customer support that you can’t typically get from a manufacturer….or a software developer, for that matter.

If you’re noticing that your network isn’t keeping up, our connectivity experts are always happy to have a chat and recommend the best solution for you. Click the link below to learn more!Learn More About Networking Services Contact a Marco Rep

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