4 Facts about Managed Firewall

By: Marco
April 28, 2017

The basic purpose of a firewall is to keep the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. While it does get a little more complex the deeper you get into the subject, that's the gist of it. All types of businesses and organizations have internal information that's supposed to stay internal. When an unauthorized person tries to access this information, firewalls put a stop to it. A firewall secures you from the outside world, and it secures your users too.

Managed Firewall Facts and Benefits

Managed Firewall gives your business all the benefits of firewall without burdening you with the responsibility. Below, I've outlined some of the benefits organizations with Managed Firewall experience. 

Facts about Managed Firewall and Why They're Important#1 Adding New Internal Resources is Easy

With Managed Firewall, your managed provider will make changes for you. Things like changing applications, or shifting resources like email, from the cloud to on-premise or vice versa are handled externally.

#2 Security Breaches Never Sleep

Most businesses cannot afford to sit and watch their firewall 24/7. With Managed Firewall, you'll always have someone monitoring alerts for intrusion. After all, intrusion and data theft doesn't just happen during regular business hours. Firewall protects you 24/7, so it needs to be monitored just as often.

#3 Quality Firewall is Critical

In these days of cyber security and data theft, it's as critical as ever for businesses to have a commercial grade firewall. And no, your business is not exempt from this. All businesses need a commercial or enterprise grade firewall. 

#4 Managed Firewall is Customizable

The exact features and capabilities of your Managed Firewall depend upon the specific needs of your organization. In order to get started customizing a Managed Firewall for your business, a technology advisor will ask you about number of employees and the types of resources those employees need to access. For instance:

  • Do you have mobile or remote users?
  • What types of services do your mobile or remote users require?
  • Will you support email internally?
  • Is your business connecting to the cloud? 

Questions like these will help the technology advisor structure the Managed Firewall that'll best benefit you and your organization. Ready to get started? Contact a technology advisor:

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