Do You Know Your Risk? Marco's New Security Bundles: Part 2

Do You Know Your Risk? Marco's New Security Bundles: Part 2

September 11, 2019 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

Presenter: Mike Burgard and Clay Ostlund

In part two of our Lunch Bytes security risk series, we will discuss our new security bundles. Although no one can be guaranteed risk-free, we want to minimize the threats to your technology using customized bundles. Maybe you need a plan with protection against data breaches, private cloud attacks, authorized access or wire fraud. Don’t have wires or a cloud system? That’s all right. We still have a plan for you.

With Marco’s security bundles, we fit your business with an option that gives you the most complete coverage for your unique needs. Just like health insurance, not every plan fits every person. We have applied that same insurance model to technology security.

In our September Lunch Bytes, you will learn about security bundle choices, responsibilities that transfer (and don’t transfer) to your Managed Services provider and the contract-based role of a Managed Services supplier as it relates to risk. Plus, you will gain a greater awareness of current risks to your business and the latest changes to regulatory and legal standards.

In June, we learned about security assessments, and now we add in the bundles. Let us be your technology insurance provider by offering the best security bundle to fit your needs. Don’t risk it all; join us in our Lunch Bytes session to stay protected and informed.