Marco's Trevor Akervik Receives ENX Difference Makers Award

Posted May 23, 2022 3:30:00 PM
ST. CLOUD, MINN., MAY 23, 2022 – Marco announces that Trevor Akervik, Chief Operating Officer, has received the ENX Difference Makers Award, a distinction that honors individuals who have made a notable impact on the office equipment landscape.

Trevor Akervik-1It is interesting to trace the professional journey taken by Trevor Akervik. In late 2001, he joined Marco as an entry-level sales rep. Twenty years later, he celebrated his birthday and anniversary with the company by being named the chief operating officer. 

An ordinary moment in a college parking lot over 20 years ago turned into an extraordinary opportunity for Trevor. The encounter with Jeff Gau, then CEO, truly set the wheels in motion for his future. Upon graduating, Akervik reached out to Gau, who introduced him to people who were hiring. “When I met Jeff, I didn’t realize the amazing opportunity I was getting,” he said. “He didn’t push me in a certain direction. Instead, he kept providing me opportunities to learn and grow on my own.”

Trevor's clear commitment to helping customers and exceeding goals earned him the role of sales manager, and he was then chosen to help establish and oversee Marco’s managed service practice in 2009. Through the years, he has been a key player in Marco building its IT business as well. His current role as COO is geared toward driving results for Marco as it evolves into a national, integrated business technology provider. Akervik oversees human resources and business strategies that promote growth and opportunities for the company’s talent. He also crafts and modifies strategies to support market dynamics and achieve Marco’s business plan. 

Akervik and his wife, Tiffany, are celebrating their 24th anniversary this year. They have two daughters, Aubri and Kora, with the former being only 10 months old when Akervik began his Marco career. “As much as we’ve become part of the company, Marco has also become part of my family,” he noted. “Marco feels like family because it acts like one, in the best possible sense.”

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