Print Audit


A print audit occurs before businesses start receiving managed print services. It’s a time-tested process that ensures every managed print services partnership starts off on the right foot. It involves taking an in-depth look at your company’s print productivity, distribution and output. During the audit, we will gather a full inventory of your print equipment - including each device’s location, make, model, age and network capability – and assess how they’re being used by your employees.


But that’s not all.

Here’s what a print audit with Marco includes:


Many of our customers are surprised to find that quite a few of their business goals can be supported and achieved through print technology. For instance, if you are looking to implement privacy measures, increase security measures, reduce waste or eliminate errors, print technology that can help you do just that.

By sharing your business initiatives with your print provider, they can recommend solutions (including print software) that enables your print environment to support those initiatives.


One of the great things about a managed print audit is the window it provides you into your print environment. Many companies don’t have a clear idea of how much their current print practices are costing them. Print expenses include equipment purchases, maintenance and repair. They also include paper, toner, software and licensing costs.

Invoices for all of these purchases are likely archived in separate places – especially if there’s currently no single employee or vendor managing your print environment. We will gather them and develop a baseline for how much your current print practices are costing you.


The true cost of business printing isn’t just about devices, service visits and supply costs. The employee time and resources that go toward print management also affect your bottom line. Tasks like managing inventory, ordering supplies, scheduling service calls and dealing with invoices all take up somebody’s time. Whoever currently deals with your organization’s print-related needs is likely dedicating a good portion of their time to it. When you partner with a managed print provider, all of those tasks become your vendor’s responsibility.

With the managed print audit, we develop a baseline for how much your entire print environment is currently costing you on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

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