Northern Cass School District

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Company Overview

The Northern Cass School District is in Hunter, North Dakota, and employs 100 people serving about 650 students in grades K-12. The district is passionate about relationships, education, self-reflection, acknowledging greatness and support of the Northern Cass community. Staff believes every student can change the world—therefore they must provide a world-class education.

The Problem and Managed Print Solution

The Northern Cass School District is in the business of education, and that means there’s a lot of printing taking place for both teachers and students. The district also handles sensitive personal information that must remain secure. With all these jobs in mind, the school district turned to Marco to help save money and paper while increasing security of printed documents.

Before partnering with Marco, documents were being sent to the printer, sometimes by accident, costing the school serious money in machine and paper costs. Confidential information could also be left on the printer until it was picked up—possibly compromising security since printers weren’t in every office. These problems were solved when the school district turned to Marco for Konica Minolta copiers and Papercut software paired to effectively reduce unintentional printing and increase document security.

"We wanted to make sure students couldn’t stumble across confidential information. This was never about trust – we trust our staff and students. It was just about being efficient and improving processes while still leaving room for flexibility."

With Marco’s Managed Print Services, the Northern Cass School District reduced its print volume by 200,000 pages in just six months. Marco experts found many print jobs were getting deleted because they weren’t being picked up. Papercut software helped ensure that savings by requiring a passcode at the printer to complete the job.

“We saved a lot on prints and we attribute that to having to punch in your code,” Northern Cass School District Superintendent Cory Steiner said. “People are much more thoughtful about keeping electronic documents instead of printing so many hard copies. We don’t limit prints—we just want to make sure what is being printed needs to be printed.”

Not only did the school see an improvement on printing costs, data security improved greatly. Since printers aren’t in every classroom or office—only five throughout campus—the district’s printers will now wait for a passcode to print ensuring the recipient is by the machine when the document is printed.

Partnering with Marco has also led to better service. Steiner said several technology providers might offer the same solutions, but the service with Marco is unrivaled.

“It was the people,” Steiner said. “Marco has been fantastic with response times and new ideas. The products are similar with different companies—but the service is what sets Marco apart. Marco’s team of experts has made this experience worth writing about.”


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