Cybersecurity Assessment

Cyber Attacks are Real. Are you Ready?

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and the number of incidents continue to rise. As threats change and become more advanced, so does the technology, recommended configurations and institutional practices. Organizations should be prepared to not only prevent incidents, but also detect when they occur so they can respond quickly and effectively.

Your Job: See where you stand and receive clear, actionable results to better protect your organization. 

Our Job: Provide tools and expertise to improve your security.


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A Marco Cybersecurity Assessment will help you identify gaps in your security posture. The comprehensive assessment examines security configurations throughout your environment to identify missing technologies, processes or common misconfigurations. 

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Proven Framework

We follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework and CIS
Critical Security Controls to ensure you have the right technology to protect your business.

Cost Effective

Know the most high-risk components of your environment to ensure you get the results that
matter most. The assessment reviews administrative, domain, network, email, virtualization, storage, backups and cloud and web settings.

Expert Advice

Ensure you have the right technology properly configured to protect your organization. Access to our team of experts with decades of experience in security and incident response.

Summary and Planning

Presented with a summary of how your cybersecurity practices measure up in a broad range of risk categories. Develop a roadmap to identify and prioritize your risks to improve your security maturity.

Additional Assessment Options

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests go beyond simply identifying vulnerabilities by using ethical hacking to demonstrate the viability of the vulnerabilities.

Technology Assessment

Want a clear picture of your business technology? The IT infrastructure assessment was created as a way to give business owners a window into the technology that supports their business. 


Is Your Business Protected?

Our job is to help keep you and your company secure. When you complete a Marco Security Assessment, you will be better equipped to mitigate your risks, protect your environment and face security threats.

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