The Top 5 Audio Video System Features Offered for Businesses in 2017

By: Dan Olk
April 18, 2017

Technologies evolve and develop at different paces. Over the past few years, audio video system features have come a long way. Some technologies considered cutting edge even three or five years ago are quickly being replaced by newer, better, more intuitive and integrated solutions. Today, I'm sharing some of the top audio video system features you'll be seeing throughout 2017. 

1. Shorter Install Process and Faster Implementation

Top Audio Video System Features offered for Businesses in 2017Years ago, we had to manually connect cables and it was slow and cumbersome. Now, we're connecting multi-function HDMI cables with audio, video and the control all-in-one. When the world went to digital, everything changed to make installation faster and more efficient, which translates into cost savings for the customer. 

2. Higher Resolutions and Bigger Screens

LED and LCD screens are bigger, have higher resolutions and are less expensive. High-quality, large screens create a better user experience. Have you ever been in a meeting, squinting to read a spreadsheet? When everyone can see clearly, it keeps everyone well-informed in the meeting. We just installed a 98-inch interactive touchscreen for one of our customers. 

3. Screen Brightness and Visibility

Needing to dim the room by switching off lights and closing blinds is becoming a thing of the past with today's LED screens. Their brightness allows you to present with the blinds open and still have fantastic visibility for everyone in the room. 

4. Laser Projectors and Bigger Screens

While LED screens are stunning, even they have their limits. When you're in need of something over 100 inches, it's wise to go with a laser projector. Laser projectors have higher lumens, which means the ambient light has little effect on the projection. 

5. DSP (Digital Signal Processors) 

Digital signal processors (DSP) combine your whole audio system into one rackmount box. These are open architect, and there's a lot of effects you can put on audio with that box. When combined with a touchscreen it allows you to instantly tweak your audio needs. One DSP feature customers love is the matrix switcher using its sensor to know which room to route the audio. Here's an example of what I mean:

Say you have four divisible rooms all running off of one DSP. If you're in Room A and you open up Room B, the sensor picks up that change and starts running audio in both rooms. Basically, it reads where the audio needs to be transported and adjusts accordingly. There are no buttons to push and there's no manual configuring required. 


The evolutions in audio video system improvements and features are all geared toward making everything cleaner, crisper, more audible. They're in place to ensure every participant can hear and see equally, regardless of other variables like lighting and room design. When you work with Marco for audio video systems, you're going to get great service - we're going to help you ensure everything is set up properly and functioning efficiently. With Marco, you'll get the best equipment, and you'll get the support to make sure you get the most out of your audio video system. 

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