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    Simplify Your Business Technology Terms into a Single Agreement

    By: Trevor Akervik
    January 26, 2021

    When your business receives multiple technology services, whether from the same vendor or different ones, each service is on its own agreement. And each agreement comes with different terms. That means different lengths, renewal dates, contracts and customer service styles. All these differences can be a lot for businesses to manage. All the communication and check-ins, coordinating upgrades and renewals—there has to be an easier way. 

    businesswoman signing paperworkThankfully, there is an easier way. 

    Consider for a moment if multiple services could be rolled into a single contract with matching terms and renewal dates? Where all communications and customer service calls were consistent across all services. Imagine the simplicity it would bring. 

    That's what we've created with the Stax program. Multiple services on a single contract with the same terms. Easy to manage, easy to plan for, easy to keep organized. 

    Here’s how it works. 

    A Simple Contract Agreement for Business Technology

    The Marco Stax program provides a way for businesses to bundle various services into a single agreement. By bundling at least two—and up to four—services, businesses start receiving the benefits of the Stax program. 

    What are those benefits? First, there’s the simplicity that comes with having multiple services bundled together onto a single agreement. Second, the program offers a term-length loyalty discount. Let’s take a look at each of these benefits in a bit more detail.

    A Single Agreement

    As we built out contract agreements for the Stax program, we kept one goal front and center: simplicity. The traditional contract agreements for IT services have become too complicated, and managing different services added so much complexity and confusion that people were dreading something that was meant to be helpful! So we did what we thought was best. We found a way to bring multiple services into a single, simple agreement. 

    A Term-Length Loyalty Discount

    Saving businesses money is built right into the Stax program. In order to start saving, all businesses need to do is bundle at least two services into a Stax program. As more services are added, the discount grows. 

    With four compatible services eligible for the program, that’s a lot of opportunity for savings. Find out how much you can save with the Stax program calculator.


    Get Started with the Stax Program

    All in all, the Marco Stax program offers a simpler approach to managing business technology. Instead of businesses needing to have separate service agreements for their technology, all the paperwork can be rolled into one. The services eligible for the Stax program include: 

    • Managed IT
    • UnifyIT
    • Voice
    • Print

    Any and all of these services can be combined into a single program, where you’ll benefit from a term-length loyalty discount and a simpler, more streamlined experience. If you’d like to uncover how the Stax program can work for your business, contact a Marco rep.

    Frustrated with multiple renewal dates and invoices? Bundle with Stax

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