3 Key Scenarios to Stop and Consider Your Network and Computer Security

By: Clay Ostlund
October 5, 2015

Though network and computer security will always be on your mind, there are certain events or circumstances that should raise a flag, causing you to pause and make sure this security is a top priority.

Computer Security

1: Deploying Cloud Solutions

In a bid to improve flexibility, meet future growth demands and boost productivity, a lot of companies are migrating services and infrastructure to the cloud.

When you migrate to the cloud, you hand over the control and management of your network and services to some degree. In exchange for less direct responsibility and a smaller footprint in your office, cloud computing has the potential to open the door to online threats. However, with Cisco ASA with FirePOWER, you have centrally-managed oversight that provides you with a comprehensive look into the core of your business network, ensuring both computer and network security in the cloud.

FirePOWER Services come with Cisco FireSIGHT Management Center. Using Cisco FireSIGHT's comprehensive software, you receive indications of attempts to compromise your network, with actionable corrective measures you can implement. Just as your move to cloud computing was designed to save money and streamline operations, so too is FirePOWER designed to reduce costs and complexity.

2: Implementing BYOD Programs

In an effort to encourage productivity and mobility among employees, companies are turning to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs in the workplace. While this is useful and beneficial to productivity, it comes with a number of potential computer and network security concerns that need to be addressed. With the help of Cisco ASA with FirePOWER, you don't have to worry when countless mobile devices access your network.

The FireSIGHT Management Center provides a comprehensive look at the users, mobile devices and client-side apps running on your network. You can see and control the virtual machine-to-virtual machine communications on your network, potential vulnerabilities, threats and dangerous URLs across your network.

3: Establishing Acceptable-Use Policies

Today, access to the web is essential in the workplace. There are certain websites you should allow your employees to access, and others that you'll want to define acceptable use policies and control or deny access. Cisco ASA with FirePOWER makes it easier to provide network and computer security in the workplace. This next-generation firewall is ready to protect your computers and network against known threats and advanced threats on the web, including targeted and persistent malware that poses a consistent threat to network security.

Cisco ASA with FirePOWER is the next-generation firewall that is capable of protecting your company by providing network and computer security on a variety of levels. It smoothly integrates with your current IT environment, adapts to your work stream and is highly scalable.

The three scenarios above are key opportunities to assess your network and computer security; Cisco solutions are ready to help defend your network in each instance.


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