Copiers & Printers: You could say we do it all, because we do.

It's funny, or maybe a little ironic, how the small things we don't pay much attention to are the ones that always sneak up on us at the worst possible time. Like when you run out of paper when you're printing a dozen copies of the annual report for a meeting with the big wigs from corporate. How about replacing a toner cartridge? Or worse yet, trying to find the right one!

How many staff members in your office have their own little printer at their desk? You know, one of those manual fed big box store brands that's really meant for home use. Somehow, it got into the office perhaps out of necessity or frustration or maybe just convenience. But someone has to support it. And that's where things tend to go downhill.

When you add it up, these little things cost more money in the long run. Then there's the immeasurable effect on efficiency and "time better spent" on meaningful tasks.

We Can Make Those Things Better

We've found that most companies can save 30% or more on their printing related expenses when they bring us in to take a look under the hood.

We have a few "go-to" options that tend to be a good starting point.

Print Assessment

If you had a round hole and we gave you a square peg, it would be rather perplexing. That's why we start with a Print Needs Assessment. It's a 4-Step Process we created to assess, plan, measure and manage your company's printing output. It may sound like overkill, but we promise, it's well worth the up-front time investment. Do it right, or do it twice. We'd rather do it right.

Managed Print Services

This is the Cadillac of Marco's Copier & Printer Services. When you hire us for Managed Print, you get the whole kit and caboodle. We'll provide your printers, copiers and/or multifunction devices. We'll track toner usage and paper output. We'll upgrade software and repair or replace hardware. We'll train your staff. We'll order supplies before they're needed – not when they run out.

Managed Print Service from Marco is like going to the VIP suite at your favorite event. You never know what you are missing until you experience it.

Service & Support

Honestly, setup and installation of your copier/printer fleet is the easy part. Where Marco really shines is in our ongoing service and support for your office. It's not just a "call us when it breaks" kind of thing. It's proactive support, so we'll know what's wrong before it causes an interoffice meltdown. We provide training sessions as needed plus printer driver and software upgrades.

It's not like you can't call us either. Our toll free number is printed on the front of each of our machines throughout your office. A real person will even answer on the other end.

Marco's Copier & Printer Options Get Things Done

It really doesn't matter how big or small your office is, because our process is the same.  Maybe you're a startup legal office with three employees and a low volume photo copier. Perfect. We can get you started.

Or maybe you're a national corporation. We can outfit you with a fleet of high volume multifunction devices that can print, scan, copy, fax, staple, collate, fold, brew coffee and make sales calls. Well, maybe not those last two, but you get the idea.

It doesn't matter if you fit the first scenario, the second or you're somewhere in between. When it comes to copiers and printers for offices, we know what to do and we do it well.